Slanker Grass Fed Meats is Restocking Grass Fed Pork

The owner of Slanker Grass-Fed Meats announced that they are restocking grass fed pork.

Online PR News – 23-November-2021 – Powderly, Texas – Powderly, Texas: The company has been producing and distributing its products for over twenty years now, but recently stopped its production to focus on other aspects of the business. Now with a new facility set up in Missouri, they say that they will be able to meet the demand for their products again. "This decision was not easy," says owner Ted Slanker, "but we want to provide our customers with the best possible product." He also notes that he hopes this change will help his company grow even more in the future.

Slanker Grass-Fed Meats, which has been producing grass fed beef and other meats for over twenty years now, announced that they are restocking their grassfed pork. The company states on its website that all of its animals are raised using humane practices without antibiotics or hormones before being 100% finished with high-quality pasture land and water to ensure a healthy diet while grazing on natural vegetation. Their products can be purchased online via eCommerce sites such as where customers have shared positive reviews about how the company's grass fed beef has helped them to lose weight and increase their energy.

About the Company

At Slanker Grass Fed Meat, we believe in a world where healthy food is available to all. Our farm has been producing and selling grass-fed beef online since 1999. We offer a variety of cuts for your freezer - from ground beef to steak, roasts, brisket, and more. In addition to meat products, we also carry an assortment of groceries including eggs from our own free-range chickens, milk from our own dairy cows that are fed only on natural grasses grown on the farm.