'A Love Story From The South China Seas' by Johnathon Churchill is published

An emotional story of love which is lost and then rekindled two decades later

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“A Love Story From The South China Seas” by Johnathon Churchill is published

An emotional story of love which is lost and then rekindled two decades later

About the Book:
This book comprises touching memories of an 18 year old English boy flying to a tropical island, where he met and fell deeply in love with an incredibly beautiful 19 year old girl of Arabian/Polynesian heritage. Their future was marred by an arranged (forced) marriage and violent objections from her Muslim father. Reaching the heights of emotion, from an idyllic life, a few days alone on a desert island of white coral sands and coconut palms, to heart-breaking scenes at Paya-Labar airport, as he was forced to part from his sweetheart.

However, one day, many years later, he received a letter...

Excerpt from the Book:

“I asked the question and you gave me the answer I longed for 19 years ago in the courthouse; but I will ask again if it will ease your mind. I went down on one knee and opening the box, held it out to Amirah, “My sweetheart, will you marry me?”

Amirah burst into tears then flung her arms around my neck.
“Oh John, you know I will and this time nothing will stop us”.
An elderly Singaporean couple were walking past us. The elderly lady saw Amirah crying. (Amirah translated the following for me afterwards).

“Are you alright my dear?”

Amirah wiped her eyes and turned to the lady.

“Yes, thank you for your concern, but these are tears of happiness. My boyfriend has just proposed to me”.

“And you said…?”

“And I said, yes.”

The old lady beamed and flung her arms around both our necks. She then focused on me. She stopped smiling and looked at me very intently.

“Was it not your picture in the Straits Times yesterday?”

Here we go. I replied saying it was me. The lady put her hand over her mouth.

“We have lived in Singapore all our lives, I remember the story of all those years ago. You have come back for your Love?”

I nodded.

“Oh how beautiful, how romantic. Oh how lovely for you.”

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