Country's, first Virtual Reality TECHNO-PARK has been set up in Hyderabad

For numerous innovations 32 acres is being prepared
Cymax is a platform for future worlds AR, VR technology related research and innovation

Online PR News – 23-November-2021 – Hyderabad, Telangana – For the first time in India, CYMAX Techno-Park with its Research and Innovations in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being set up in Hyderabad said G.Raghavareddy Chairman and CEO Mr. Gouri Shankar.

While speaking at a press conference held on Monday morning at the CYMAX office in Hyderabad, they said they are setting up the CYMAX VR Techno-Park with world-class technology in a vast 32-acre site near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. They said that they are serving as a platform for startup companies as well as top companies to appropriately develop their AR and VR technology in the future.

In this context, they said that through CYMAX they are introducing various kinds of innovations in the Park such as CYMAX Institute of Creative Technology, VR Labs in Schools and Colleges, VR Movies in Web-Series, CYMAX Film Museum, Virtual Productions, Virtual Architecture& Real-estate, CYMAX Indoor Theater, CYMAX Outdoor Theater, Virtual TV/ Studio / Tours / Showrooms / Virtual Events and 360 Degree live Streaming.

They said they are introducing unique CYMAX courses catering to Multimedia, VFX, Software and hardware Sectors. They said that this course will help in bringing about phenomenal changes in the areas of education, entertainment, medicine, automobile, tourism, real estate, military, architecture and gaming besides creating a wide range of employment opportunities. CYMAX Institute of Creative Technology aims to shape up students to effectively face intellectual challenges in the future and travel together with varied cultures. They said that CYMAX will play a key role on par with the foreign countries in extending AR and VR technology education and knowledge to employees, women and professionals in various fields, industries and business organizations besides youth.

They said that knowledge in AR, VR and MR besides Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is going to unveil a brand new world for the people. They also said that with AR and VR technology, it is possible to go to any era in history, enjoy being on the moon, overcome our limitations and dash into the dream world, conquer old age and live in the digital world even after death. While standing as the focal point for talent, research, innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, CYMAX serves to build the professional leadership needed by society by providing effective education and skills.

Chairman Mr. G. Raghava Reddy is a humble dynamic leader known for his simplicity, discipline and principles. As the chairman of G.Pulla Reddy Group he is continuing the values and the traditions set forth by his father legendary Mr.G. Pulla Reddy. They established many institutions sponsored and managed under G. Pulla Reddy Charities Trust. Mr.G.Raghava Reddy is also the President of the Oasis Education Society. He is an altruist, contributed CYMAX Technology as part of extension and expansion to next generation education system.

CYMAX is the brainchild of CEO Mr. Gouri Shankar Mamidi, a renowned Architect serving as a Panel Architect for Andhra and Telangana states. He is a recipient of prestigious 'UDYOG RATNA' award and is well known in the innovation centers and circles to be a dynamic force in himself. Metaverse being his dream, this creative tech savvy could make his dreams come true using the professional skills collated all through his career spanning over three decades.