The HumanWisdom App Launches Today. It Can Help With Climate Change, and Stress Prevention

The HumanWisdom App could reduce stress and address the root cause of climate change.

Online PR News – 19-November-2021 – Kirklevington Hall Drive. Yarm – Sir David Attenborough, who gave an impassioned speech at COP26 said, “To continue, we humans need more than intelligence. We need wisdom”. Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK chief scientist said that changes in behaviour are needed to tackle the climate crisis.

The Human Wisdom Project announced the launch of its HumanWisdom App today, which in addition to helping people live happier lives, could also help address the root cause of climate change. The human mind, driven by its need for pleasure to fill its inner emptiness, asks daily, “What can I do out there to make me feel good in here?”. This occurs without our awareness, and drives our need for consumption, which contributes to climate change. By living with wisdom, which comes from a deeper self-understanding, we can live with a sense of peace, and consumption finds its rightful place. Our fear of the future recedes, and so does our need to accumulate more and more. Further, by understanding and putting aside our self-interest and attachment to our particular identities, we can come together and collaborate as one humanity to tackle the issue.

The Human Wisdom Project was founded by Dr Manoj Krishna, along with collaborators from around the world. He previously worked as a spine surgeon. The HumanWisdom app is a life companion, and has 59 modules which guide people in a gentle way to understand themselves and how their minds work. It can help people deal with the immediate challenges they face, like stress, but then takes them deeper to understand the origins of that in their thinking, so the problem does not recur. As our understanding of ourselves deepens, many of the problems that emerge from our thinking, like stress and anxiety, relationship conflict, addiction, and violence, can be more easily prevented and overcome. The HumanWisdom approach is not based on any ideology, but just looking at and learning about ourselves.

This video explores how human wisdom could help us tackle climate change:

The Human Wisdom Project also works with children, who already have this wisdom within them. When children were asked how they could use their wisdom to deal with climate change they said: “We need to find sources of pleasure that do not involve buying things”, “If we could find an answer to our inner boredom, we would not need to consume so much”, and “When I am bored, if I just stay with it, the feeling goes away”.

Dr Krishna said, “Our inner emptiness, which is common to all human beings, drives our need for pleasure and consumption. This is not wrong, just a fact we are not aware of, which needs to be understood. Living with wisdom allows us to consume only what we need, and enables us to live in peace with ourselves, others, and the earth. It can also boost our emotional intelligence, communication skills, and resilience but above all, allows us to live with compassion. It is human thinking that got us into this mess, and perhaps human wisdom may help us get out of it”. To find out more, visit

The HumanWisdom App aims to empower people to transform their lives and make the world a better place, by enabling them to understand themselves and how their minds work. This understanding awakens an inner wisdom, which can bring peaceful transformation. It is not based on any ideology or belief system. We believe this wisdom could bring humanity together, and help us address many of the challenges we face, including climate change.