TRAQ, Inc. Launches Equity Opportunities for Investors

TRAQ, the world’s first non-invasive, handheld health & wellness device, announces its Online Public Offering.

Online PR News – 19-November-2021 – Carlsbad, California – TRAQ Inc.

For the first time, TRAQ, Inc. is providing investors the unique opportunity to purchase shares in the company’s products and leading patented technology, capitalizing on the company’s advancements in bringing simple, rapid and accurate biometric testing to the forefront. TRAQ provides non-invasive, on-demand saliva tests for monitoring personal health, activity and lifestyle.

TRAQ initiated equity opportunities recently through its crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine ( where investors can grow with an innovative company in an explosive health and wellness market expected to reach nearly $60B by 2022.

TRAQ addresses the many problems facing the Health Care and Fitness industries today. Standard blood tests cost on average upwards of $1,500 with only half the world population having adequate health care coverage. Additionally, needles are painful, and results take days, sometimes weeks. Furthermore, standard fitness tests are less readily available and require a coach for monitoring and managing.

Introducing TRAQ, the world’s first hand-held, saliva-based, on-demand test platform for providing health and fitness monitoring. CEO Jeff Slosar explains, “Outside of blood, saliva is the richest indicator of health and fitness. TRAQ uses patented technology to measure specific biomarkers from saliva revealing what is truly happening inside our bodies at the molecular level. Results are provided within minutes, allowing an individual, for the first time ever, the unique ability to monitor and track their own energy, hydration, metabolism, nutrition and recovery.”

Slosar continues, "TRAQ represents a new approach to health care focused on prevention and early detection, empowering individuals to track and monitor their personal wellness. We can truly change not only sports performance, but the global approach to health care.”

Prospective buyers interested in defining new era empowering consumers to “Own your Health”TM can participate in TRAQ’s Equity Crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine: (

About TRAQ, Inc
TRAQ, Inc. is a California research-based organization leveraging saliva-based testing for the purpose of monitoring and tracking an individual’s biomarker levels in an accurate, simple, inexpensive and repeatable method. TRAQ has been adopted in elite athletic training including USA Cycling for the purpose of optimizing sport performance. TRAQ, nor any of its products, are diagnostic medical devices. They can not prevent, treat or cure any medical problems, nor can they diagnose a medical condition. TRAQ is not presently FDA approved.

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