21st Century Life Skills and Financial Education Recognised In the Global Collection of Innovations

Aflatoun International has been selected as one of the most impactful and scalable innovations in the world for the 2022 HundrED Global Collection of education.

Online PR News – 11-November-2021 – Amsterdam – Global education non-profit HundrED has announced the top 100 most impactful and scalable education innovations in the world. Aflatoun International, a global NGO providing social and financial education to children and youth, has been included to the collection for the second consecutive year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit education especially hard. Schools have been shut all across the world, and globally over 1.2 billion children are now out of classrooms. Children and teachers have learned to adapt to remote learning and digital tools rapidly.

Therefore, solutions with proven impact are in desperate demand. HundrED, a non-profit organisation specialising in education innovations, together with its global community of education experts, has just launched the HundrED Global Collection 2022 Report that showcases the hundred most impactful and scalable innovations tackling the biggest challenges in education right now.

The report finds that teacher professional development, tighter involvement of communities, enhancing social and emotional learning, as well as 21st century skills preparing children for uncertain future are the top trends in education innovation.

Crystal Green, the Head of Research at HundrED : “The focus of many innovations in this collection is on areas where there is often a lack of—or a gap—in traditional school education.”

For over 15 years, Aflatoun, through its global partner network, has been teaching children how to save and spend responsibly, take care of themselves, and of their communities. Aflatoun’s core programme builds on a child’s natural curiosity and teaches them positive associations with themes as children’s rights, saving and enterprise. A key activity is the democratic formation of children’s clubs, which require children to work together, manage their savings and start small business and community improvement activities.
Underlying the curriculum is the belief that children learn best by doing, and when they engage with the world and those around them. By putting children at the centre of the learning process and engaging them with the world, Aflatoun empowers children to act as agents of positive change within their communities.

Roeland Monasch, CEO at Aflatoun: “The past two years have been extremely challenging for our network. The COVID-19 pandemic became a huge hindrance to children’s education across the world, exacerbating inequalities, such as, for example, access to technology among students. However, our partner network displayed incredible resilience and innovation in the face of such challenges, and worked tirelessly to ensure that children and youth continued to receive crucial-for-21st-century social and financial education. To best support our partners, and respond to the organisation and teachers’ needs, we worked to provide further digital training and resources for trainers, teachers, and students, including we developed a new course on digital literacy for teachers. We are very proud that these efforts have been recognised by HundrED.”

The report with a list of 100 most impactful innovators is available now at the HundrED website: http://www.hundred.org


About Aflatoun International
Aflatoun International is a non-governmental organisation offering social and financial education to children and young people worldwide, empowering them to make a positive change for a sustainable future. Through a strong network of 300+ partner organisations and 40+ governments, Aflatoun International reaches 5.6 million children and young people in over 102 countries annually. Aflatoun International has been recognised as a leader in life skills, social and financial education globally for its innovative work, low-cost model and scalability by Harvard University, the Brookings Institute, the Million Lives Club and the HundrED Global Collection of innovations in education. The organisation ranks 23rd place in the NGO Top-200 World Best Social Good Organisations 2021.