Healthy Yeti Launches New Pouch Recycling Service

Direct-to-consumer health and wellness brand Healthy Yeti has launched a new service that allows their customers to recycle their empty pouches by post.

Online PR News – 07-November-2021 – London, United Kingdom – Healthy Yeti has launched an innovative new Pouch Recycling Service. They are the first direct-to-consumer health and wellness brand in the UK to offer pouches-by-post recycling in tandem with reusable containers. The service allows their customers to send empty pouches by post to a specialist recycling facility which reduces landfill waste.

Currently, most normal council-run recycling collections are not able to process pouches. This means they tend to end up in landfill. Or worse, confused customers mistakenly place them into their recycling bins which prevent the whole batch from being recycled successfully.

The service has been designed to make it easy for customers to follow. Healthy Yeti provides their consumers with one of their branded recycling mailing bags. As they use up their health products, they simply put the empty pouches into the mailing bag before ordering refills on the website. When the mailing bag is full, they put it in their nearest postbox. Healthy Yeti covers the cost with pre-paid postage, so there's no extra charge for the customer. Once posted, the empty pouches will arrive at the specialist recycling facility where they are processed using cutting-edge technology. The resulting material can then be reused for new purposes.

"We looked at several different options before choosing this pouches-by-post approach" said Director Greg Aubert. "The right solution needed to be convenient and equally available to everyone in the country". Differences in recycling policies across regions are a confusing problem for consumers according to the company. Each council has different rules for what they can and can't accept, which often puts the onus on the customer to figure it out. If a council can't process it then it's usually down to the customer to find a collection point and take it there themselves. Healthy Yeti's new service addresses this issue by making recycling your empties easy and convenient no matter where you are in the UK.

The recycling service works in tandem with their reusable metal containers which can be included in orders along with Healthy Yeti's products. Popular choices currently include a vegan algae omega-3 supplement, a natural sleep aid and a low-caffeine mushroom coffee. Customers have the option of transferring their products to one of these containers which can be more durable and easier to transport. Crucially, the metal containers can be used repeatedly which reduces the volume of product packaging that is disposed of compared to alternatives such as glass, plastics and bioplastics.

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