A Cryptocurrency-based MMORPG with NFT Integration – Introducing Mini Degens Gaming Token

A deep dive into the Mini Degens MMORPG NFT project and some insight into what's coming over the next few months.

Online PR News – 30-October-2021 – London, Greater London – Mini Degens is new Play-to-Earn crypto currency videogame and ecosystem based on the Binance Smart Chain. The ecosystem is set to feature a game, NFT in-game marketplace and official merchandise store. The game is a fantasy action-adventure video game developed by German and Belgian game developers Crashcrafter and Ojin Timo. It is currently in development and therefore not yet available on any platforms. Though, eyes are set on mid-December for the Alpha launch of the game!

The game itself is a fantasy action-adventure style MMORPG developed by an experienced team led by Crashcrafter and Ojin Timo. Alongside the development team, Mini Degens core team is made up of a number of professionals including engineers, a graphic designer, game developers, a business analyst, researchers, a linguist and successful businessmen / entrepreneurs across variety of domains including but not limited to petroleum, cryptocurrency, mechanical engineering, communication and media. A great benefit of having such a broad skillset working as a team is that the range of skills and experience they hold makes the project unique and spectacular. The Mini Degens project also has a strong network of surrounding community links that will support it once marketing truly begins — this includes a partnership with a promoter with connections to large number of Turkish investment groups.

Team values
As highlighted in their whitepaper — The team takes pride in transparency and honesty, and therefore every member of the core team is publicly doxxed. In addition to the doxx, liquidity is locked until November 2022 — this will be extended in line with the growth of the project.

Who is the Target Audience?
The Mini Degens project is primarily aimed at the gaming community — though is open to all with an avid interest in cryptocurrency, investing and perhaps; those looking to immerse themselves into a fantasy world… (in which you can earn for doing so!).

What's the Plan?
The project roadmap includes building the v2 website (complete — though continually updating), Whitepaper (complete), releasing Alpha version of the game where investors will get exclusive access, release of the 1st rare Mini Degen NFT, marketplace development, website v3, releasing Beta version, release of the 2nd rare Mini Degen NFT, pre-release marketing, release of the 3rd rare Mini Degen NFT and…. GAME RELEASE.
Throughout the game release schedules (from Alpha to release), the project will host several community feedback sessions in order to implement ideas from the players and resolve any bugs / issues with the game.
Whilst we will be releasing NFTs throughout the project, the 3 major rare-item NFTs mentioned in the roadmap will be related specifically to the game, whether that be an item ‘package’ or a rare in-game item that can be used.

The Mini Degens project will flourish in the creation of a thriving Play-to-Earn ecosystem for gamers, investors, and fantasists to achieve their wildest of dreams. As items and collected, earnt, purchased, pillaged, and destroyed, value fluctuates — creating the opportunity for a lucrative marketplace. The online marketplace will not only give players the freedom of trade, but it will reward savvy investors, too.
That being said, the main targets of the Mini Degens ‘miniverse’ is for their players to have FUN!

Key things to look forward to:
· Website
· Game
· NFT Marketplace
· Merchandise

What About the Game?
The game is an action-adventure MMORPG which will be free to play for everyone on a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, Android and IOS. Alpha will be released solely on Windows.
The game is free to play in order to attract a wider target audience, though there will be exclusivities for members and holders. The focus is to reward Mini Degens players via in-game perks, quests, raids, item drops and other creative ways of giving back to the community. The project scope also includes NFTs which will increase in value over time.

I’m a Gamer — Tell me about the Lore
Whilst the game lore will be developed at a later stage, the general premise for Mini Degens is that it will feature an immersive multi-player world based in a fantasy land where players can battle, quest, raid, pillage and play together in a ‘miniverse’. Players will be able to trade items in a marketplace, and as item prices fluctuate depending on rarity and their stats, this creates a unique opportunity to earn. Every item in the game will eventually have NFT status and therefore be unique and ‘ownable’.

What is a ‘Mini Degen’?
Mini Degens creatures are in-game characters that will act as a sidekick, accompanying the players. They will be able to evolve and develop, increasing their stats the more they’re used. Users will also be able to give them items to improve their stats.
Multiplayer tournaments and arenas are planned for future parts of the game, with this concept the participating players will be able to win huge rewards.

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