DPDK launches hybrid work model and is one of the first digital agencies to offer limitless holidays

DPDK Digital Agency introduces a new way of working and launches a hybrid work policy with unlimited vacation.

Online PR News – 29-October-2021 – Rotterdam – DPDK Digital Agency introduces a new way of working and launches a hybrid work policy with unlimited vacation, becoming one of the first agencies to offer employees limitless time off. The new way of working is part of a series of changes to strengthen employees’ well-being, encourage a healthy work-life balance, and foster a more autonomous and empowered culture.

COVID-19 has transformed the way in which we live and work. Working from home has blurred the boundaries between employees’ professional and personal lives. At the same time there has also been a shift in attitude towards the office. Employees are demanding more from their employers and will quit their jobs if they don’t feel heard. This trend has become so widespread that it has been dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’.

It’s clear that a post-Covid world requires a new way of working to attract talent and keep employees happy, engaged, and healthy. What that looks like is different for every organization. DPDK believes that a positive work experience and happy employees produce exceptional work.

The agency conducted a company-wide survey seeking employees’ input on their preferred way of working. The results indicated that the majority prefers a combination of working from home and going to the office, showing the hybrid work model as the clear winner.

Hybrid work has its fair share of challenges, especially for more creative environments. There’s no straightforward path to follow, as this is new for most organizations. While DPDK is still finding their way, they experienced that learning new behaviors, experimenting with collaboration tools, and providing employees with the right setup at home is key.

At DPDK, teams can structure how they want to operate, whether that’s one, two, or three days per week or month in the office, the choice is theirs to make. Giving space and showing trust can let creativity flourish in unexpected ways.

Along with hybrid working, DPDK will introduce unlimited vacation starting January 1st 2022. The policy aims to encourage employees to take the time off they need and deserve, when they want it.

Over the years, companies like Hubspot, Netflix, and LinkedIn have already adopted unlimited vacation policies. Some found that offering time off without a benchmark can actually discourage employees from taking holidays. DPDK has set a bare minimum of vacation days to make sure employees take time away from work to relax and recharge.

Pim van Helten, CEO of DPDK says “We want our employees to be rested and happy at work. Our new way of working isn’t about how often employees come into the office or how many days off they take. It represents the trust we have in our team to figure out what they need to be successful at work while also having a satisfying personal life.”

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