Citrusw00d Commentary Forecasts Next NFT Wave May Carry Chess Content

A new article from Citrusw00d Productions examines the future of non-fungible token (NFT) drops tied to chess -- a game rich in history, art, and combat.

Online PR News – 29-October-2021 – New York, NY – Citrusw00d Productions has published a commentary that spotlights chess content as the potential next frontier for non-fungible token creation. The article published on Medium and on the company’s website can be viewed here:

A multi-faceted art form that melds geometric harmony, deep contemplation, and sublimated violence, Citrusw00d contends that chess has all the ingredients that propelled other NFT market segments toward their dizzying ascent. It also enjoys a centuries-long history that supports a worldwide subculture of collectors of antique chess equipment and artifacts.

“This ancient yet strikingly modern form of stylized combat has a worldwide community of millions of active players, and fans estimated in the hundreds of millions,” says Citrusw00d’s commentary. “The leading playing site,, claims 74 million members, up 40% year-to-date and up 150% since January 2020, and several million chess games contested on its site alone every day.” Public interest in the game, spurred to new heights by the pandemic and then by Netflix's The Queen's Gambit series a year ago, is set to jump anew next month when a weeks-long World Championship match begins in Dubai.

The article concludes with a prediction that the coming wave of chess NFTs may look quite different from the sports-influenced creations that dominated recent well-publicized collection drops from a company controlled by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

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