Zeus Mining Sells Antminer L3+ Hash Board Maintenance Essential Tools

When encounter miner failure problems, you can ensure the regular operation of the miner through self-removal and maintenance.

Online PR News – 15-November-2021 – United States – As the current mainstream miner, I believe you will encounter some miner failure problems. However, as some fundamental failures, you can ensure the regular operation of the miner through self-removal and maintenance. Now, Zeus recommends to everyone the necessary tools to maintain the L3+ hash board. We hope to help you with the maintenance. At the same time, these maintenance tools can be purchased on the Zeus official website.

1. ANLIXIN-862D desoldering station
As a high-quality desoldering station combination tool, it is mainly used for chip replacement in the repair of the hash board of the miner and the heating and removal of the radiator. This product meets the four primary characteristics of high-quality air guns: two-in-one desoldering gun electric soldering iron, temperature controllable, strong wind, and fast heating.
Note: The pump screws at the bottom of the fuselage must be removed during use to avoid vibration and loud noise.

2. Oscilloscope
FNIRSI-1013D can quickly locate the abnormal chip position of the hash board through the signal waveform of the oscilloscope. It is a cost-effective dual-channel flat-panel oscilloscope for the maintenance industry and the research and development industry. The oscilloscope has a built-in high-voltage protection module that can tolerate up to 400V Continuous voltage. When measuring the high voltage, there is no need to worry about the oscilloscope burnt accident caused by turning the probe to the 10X gear. Equipped with a high-efficiency one-key AUTO, the measured waveform can be displayed without tedious adjustment; high-definition LCD screen, the operation mode is exceptionally convenient.

3. Fluke 15b+
A multimeter Fluke 15b+ is the most commonly used high-precision multi-purpose instrument when testing electronic circuits. It is favored by maintenance personnel for its outstanding features, such as easy carrying and use and many measurable parameters. For example, in the maintenance of miners, a multimeter is often used to measure resistance, voltage, capacitance, current, etc., to determine the on-off of the circuit and the technical condition of the electrical equipment.

4. Antminer ASIC BM1485 tin tool
Antminer ASIC BM1485 tinning tool is suitable for the tinning of Bitmain's BM1485 chip. It uses high-quality steel mesh material to position the tinning of the chip accurately. Furthermore, during the chip replacement process, it can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, thereby protecting the chip from damage.
This tin tool is only used for ASIC chips with Antminer L3, L3+, L3++ damaged hash boards.

5. Flux solder paste
Adding flux to some aging and severely oxidized chips can make the non-conductive oxide pins looser and more accessible to conduct heat, thereby reducing physical stress and making it easier to disassemble. At the same time, it can be judged whether the temperature of the heated chip meets the requirements by the size of the smoke produced by the vaporization of the flux. Due to the principle of physical vaporization and heat absorption, if the flux is not dry, the temperature of the heated device will never reach the boiling point of the flux under normal pressure, thus achieving the purpose of protecting the chip from damage. Furthermore, if the flux is applied under the chip, it can also prevent the chip from blowing off or falling off.

6. Low-temperature solder paste
The solder paste has particular built-in components to avoid air bubbles during use and lead to soldering failure. Diversified compatibility, suitable for all kinds of soldering work, the solder paste has high purity, accurate temperature, vigorous activity, and good wettability. During use, it can protect components and PCBs that cannot withstand high temperatures.

7. Antminer thermosetting adhesive
High thermal conductivity chip adhesive is used for bonding between the back of the ASIC chip and the heat sink. It can effectively transfer the high temperature generated during the operation of the ASIC chip to the heat sink for heat dissipation and avoid chip damage.

In addition, tweezers, APW3 power supply, L3+ test fixture, and other auxiliary tools will be used. You can purchase them on the Zeus website according to your needs.

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