PLOTTER, an innovative Japanese analog system, makes its debut in the US

PLOTTER, a Japanese lifestyle and stationery goods brand, officially makes its debut in the USA through the online store on October 19th, 2021.

Online PR News – 19-October-2021 – Long Beach, CA – PLOTTER, a Japanese brand of lifestyle and stationery goods, marks its fifth anniversary in Japan and officially makes its debut in the USA through the online store on October 19th, 2021. The website will sell PLOTTER products and serve as a hub for the fan community in the USA.

PLOTTER products draw on a wealth of materials, technology, and craftsmanship to create tools that will make creative work enjoyable for creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers, makers, and everyone else who brings the world something new. PLOTTER combines sleek designs with advanced technology by skilled craftspeople in Japan and around the world. In the age of digital apps and productivity tools, PLOTTER reinvents how an analog system can inspire and manage creative work for professionals and hobbyists alike. Contrary to today’s trend of AI and machine learning, PLOTTER appeals to and creates tools to unlock human’s potential for creativity and ideation.

PLOTTER first showcase its extensive line of products at San Francisco Pen Show 2021 among pen and paper enthusiasts. The website officially launches on October 19, 2021, for customers to directly purchase PLOTTER products through its e-commerce hub in Long Beach, CA. The initial lineup of products includes:

(1) Genuine Leather Ring Leather Binders, made with high-quality Italian and American leather. The slim profile defies conventional inconveniences of ring systems by maximizing the use of space and increasing portability. The iconic look features an entire piece of leather, a simple backplate, and 0.4” ring hardware.

PLOTTER is a flexible unit and easy to customize for your own needs. It is for people who are committed to making efforts to improve their lifestyles or live up to their aspirations.

(2) Refill Memo Pads with specially formulated paper. Drawing on the strength of Designphil’s Japanese paper expertise, PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads are made with DP Paper which is compatible with fountain pen ink and most writing instruments.

(3) Innovative Accessory Refills for ring system planners. Designed for creative work in mind, PLOTTER Accessory Refills add function and usability to our ring leather binders.

(4) Award-winning brass Pen. The design of PLOTTER Pens won recognition from Good Design Award 2019, iF Design Award 2020, and reddot winner 2020.

(5) PLOTTER MAGAZINE, a content hub for creatives and analog enthusiasts. Interviews with users, how-to guides, inspirational content on creating, writing, and productivity.

PLOTTER analog system are reliable tools for writing, planning, and project management, and are well-received by doctors, CEOs, designers, musicians, project managers, and freelancers.

“PLOTTER is a flexible unit and easy to customize for your own needs. It is for people who are committed to making efforts to improve their lifestyles or live up to their aspirations.” – Julia, CEO of InterTrend

“PLOTTER is designed for looking forward, planning, strategizing, creative, or coming up with new ideas. It’s designed for the part of you that’s thinking about the future.” – Phyllis Ying, MD at HealthPoint, a community health center in Washington.

Name of website:
Opening date: Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Main features:
- Online store: Buy PLOTTERUSA products: Leather Binders, Refill Memo Pads
- Product stories: Details on the craftsmanship involved in designing and creating each product and the story behind DP Paper, the original paper developed by Designphil for our products, and the methods used to achieve outstanding quality.
(1) How To: Useful instructions on how to take care of leather, using the products, and creative ideas for users.
(2) Interviews: Interviews with North American users who enjoy using the product in their respective fields of work.
(3) New Release: Information on new products.

About Designphil America, Inc:

Designphil (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, president: Ichiro Aida) is a design company that inspires greater enjoyment of daily life and suggests new ways to live through design. Founded in 1950, the company has developed various brands and services, including Midori, based on its two core businesses of lifestyle design and commercial design. Designphil America, Inc. is founded in 2019 and is the overseas branch of Designphil, Inc, and was established to cultivate analog culture and expand the fan community in North America through the operations of direct-to-consumer channels, events, and collaborations. Designphil America, Inc. currently manages TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA and PLOTTER USA official online stores.

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