Exploring Every Possible Thing About The Reality Of Bug Bounty

InfosecTrain to host a live webinar on the topic ‘Exploring every possible thing about the reality of Bug Bounty

Online PR News – 14-October-2021 – New York – What:
InfosecTrain which is an advanced IT security training and consulting service provider is hosting a live webinar entitled 'Exploring every possible thing about the reality of Bug Bounty.’ The new cybersecurity standard is Bug Bounty. Bug Bounty is a simple and effective approach for businesses to regularly assess their digital assets' security.

Security exploits and vulnerabilities are the most common types of problems, although they include process flaws, hardware flaws, and other concerns. Many websites and software providers offer a Bug Bounty program where people can be recognized and compensated for reporting bugs, particularly those related to exploits and vulnerabilities. Independent security researchers can report bugs to an organization and obtain awards or pay for doing so.

Illicit security testing on web applications is undeniably getting more widely accepted. Despite the obvious legal and safety risks, Bug Hunters have become an accepted part of the security environment which means we can all benefit from a productive middle ground that respects organizations and protects well-intentioned researchers while preventing attackers.

When: 22nd Oct 2021 (Friday), 08.00 -09.00 PM (IST)

Why attend:
Vulnerabilities, like it or not, are a part of life in information security, as are the people who seek them out. Bug Bounties have become increasingly popular in recent years. It is undeniably demonstrating its worth in the cybersecurity business. It is becoming a new technique of securing companies in the face of an ever-increasing number of attackers. It is beneficial in a variety of ways. The main advantage of a Bug Bounty program is that it allows a business to identify and address various vulnerabilities in their software. The harm to the organization might be considered if these vulnerabilities were identified and exploited by a cybercriminal before the firm could address them. It has increased the demand for Bug Bounty Hunters.

The webinar will provide an overview of the Bug Bounty and will help the candidates with an overview of the Bug Bounty program's history. The webinar would be an excellent opportunity for you to gain sufficient subject expertise, along with the benefits of the Bug Bounty for organizations. It will also cover the harsh realities of the Bug Bounty. As a result, attending a Bug Bounty webinar will vastly improve one's knowledge of Bug Bounty.

The webinar will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in a career in Bug Bounty. A highly qualified trainer with extensive professional expertise will present the webinar. To learn more about Bug Bounty and how to become a Bug Bounty Hunter, register for the webinar. Participants will have the opportunity to communicate with the presenter and clarify any questions about starting a lucrative Bug Bounty career.

Agenda for the webinar
? Birth of Bug Bounty
? Benefits for everyone
? Platforms for Bug Bounty
? How to choose a target
? Harsh truth of Bug Bounty
? Future of Bug Bounty
? Q&A

You can register at: https://www.infosectrain.com/events/reality-of-bug-bounty/

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