Gin Amber launches First generation microneedling devices

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Online PR News – 09-October-2021 – Miami, Florida – Gin Amber Beauty realizes that microneedling and dermarolling are both quite recent phenomenons with a long history attached. Because of scientific advancements in the way that they understand the human body and mostly the skin, microneedling devices are enhancing and evolving at a tremendously rapid clip.

First generation microneedling devices

The dermarollers you may know and use today are mostly considered to be first-generation devices which also indicate the most basic ones. Dermarollers are better for covering vast areas fast. If you have less time, they are the better option as far as convenience goes. Dermastamps, in contrast, are better at treating particular and specific zones. Dermastamps are also effectual for acne scars because of the ability they give users to pay attention on one particular area. Dermastamps are also less aching than dermarollers. Like derma rollers, they can be used ten to fifteen times.

Dermapens are regarded second-generation devices, which offer added advantages. When it comes to dermarollers, a customer will have to buy different sizes while dermapens can be adjusted to several needle lengths. One disadvantage is that you have to buy needle cartridges each time you plan to use your dermapen. Dermapens also offer users the ability to control treatment intensity by choosing from a range of speeds. But, be careful not to apply pressure as you may scratch the skin. You have to move the dermapen over the skin very softly, touching it barely. There is also comparatively less pain and a negligible risk of side effects.

Third and fourth generation microneedling treatments are the ones that you cannot do at home at this point. Third and fourth generation devices do not only use needles but also radiofrequency. When the insulated needles pierce the skin, they discharge radiofrequency currents. These currents make thermal zones, which also promotes new collagen and assists boost skin elasticity, both of which become severely compromised as we move forward in age.

There are also microneedling rollers that use LED lights, which are quite new and have not been researched yet thoroughly. There is also DermaFrac, a treatment that blends microneedling, microdermabrasion, serum infusion, and LED therapy.