The Trouble With Twins: Dutch Dad Runs 150 Kilometres To Raise Funds For Twin Research.

This Friday, Mart Smit begins an epic run from Hoorn, via Alkmaar, to Leiden to connect the 3 hospitals that saved the lives of his twin sons.

Online PR News – 06-October-2021 – Almere, The Netherlands – This Friday, October 8th, Mart Smit begins an epic run from Hoorn, via Alkmaar, to Leiden to connect the 3 hospitals that saved the lives of his twin sons.

Starting on Friday morning at the Dijklander Ziekenhuis in Hoorn, he will run via Alkmaar to the Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroup, and then finally onto the LUMC in Leiden on Saturday. On Sunday, he will complete the run by participating in the Leiden Marathon.

"The route symbolizes the journey my sons have made past three hospitals. The path will be revisiting memories through the time of an anxious, high-risk pregnancy. The final destination is the LUMC, the hospital where they were born. By acting appropriately, consulting well, and screening frequently, the fetal treatment team has ensured that we can now enjoy our sons. Our gratitude is great, and in collaboration with the TAPS Support Foundation, we have found a direct way to give 'something' in return for the great work they do and to bring even more high-risk pregnancies to a successful conclusion.” said Mart Smit.
"We are closing a turbulent period with this run, and we hope to open new doors with essential donations."

Donations will go towards supporting twin research projects within the LUMC, Leiden. The TAPS Support Foundation is the beneficiary, and its founder, Stephanie Ernst, explains.

"There is a need to continue twin research across the world. There are so many complications that are misunderstood and underresearched. Because these complications are rare, it makes it even harder to get funding for research projects. This means that twin parents are disadvantaged, as we do not have enough information about our complications or the best treatments. TAPS Support raises money for research into Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS) and related diseases. We work closely with researchers at the LUMC to support their work and bring the latest research to our families. These funds will be used to further existing projects, and create new research projects to help our families get the best possible information and improve twin outcomes."

The LUMC: World Leaders in Twin Research

Within the Netherlands, the LUMC is the primary referral centre for twin complications like twin-twin transfusion syndrome. They have also made many advances and discoveries in twin research, such as naming and being the world experts in Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence and developing life-saving laser therapies.

Performing over 900 life-saving laser surgeries in the past 20 years, and with a 24-7 referral centre with leading experts available for consultation, the LUMC saves the lives of twins across the Netherlands. Their expertise and innovation are recognized across Europe and the world. They are sought-after experts in their field, consulting worldwide on complex twin problems.

What is also extraordinary is that for the final 10 kilometres of this epic run, around 40 doctors, nurses, specialists and researchers, and their families will join the Twin Run. Starting at Noordwijk, they will run, cycle and walk alongside Mart to show their support and raise awareness of the complications of twins that they have dedicated their lives to.

This epic run will raise vital funds to continue research into twins and their unique complications and raise awareness.

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About the TAPS Support Foundation:

Formed in 2020, the TAPS Support Foundation raises awareness of Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence. It supports families diagnosed with this rare disease. They also support research into TAPS and related conditions affecting twins through fundraising and connecting researchers with patients. In their first year, they have already been integral in campaigning for change to screening protocols for twins and raising awareness of the unique complications faced by parents of multiples. Visit for more information, or call +31 629 841 203, or email Stephanie Ernst at