Albertsons Closes Deal with Video Specialist Firework

The deal is part of the retail giant’s new mobile-first strategy, and it aims to make the online shopping experience as immersive as going to a regular store.

Online PR News – 05-October-2021 – Boise, Idaho – One of the consequences of the pandemic was that it blurred the line between brick and mortar stores and online retailers. Businesses found themselves unable to survive without a strong online presence, and that’s one of the factors that pushed retail giant Albertsons to start investing more heavily in their online presence.

Idaho-based Albertsons is the second-largest supermarket operator in the United States. The company operates over 2200 retail food and drug stores in 34 different US states, which exist under over 20 different banners. Some of the banners used by the company include Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Shaw’s, Acme, and Tom Thumb.

The recently-announced partnership with Firework will allow Albertsons to create and distribute short video content across its multiple online platforms. The resulting “shoppertainment” is meant to help engage and inform consumers, as well as helping to create a more natural shopping experience. One that boosts consumer satisfaction and conversion rates while also providing a shopping experience more similar to what consumers would get out of a regular store.

“This isn’t just about creating new ways to feature our products. This is about bringing delight and inspiration to digital shopping to make online experiences as fun as discovering new products in our stores,” explained Albertsons chief customer and digital officer Chris Rupp. “With Firework, we found the first platform capable of digitally recreating the sense of freshness, discovery, and community that you previously could only find within our stores, all using the video and livestream formats that our digital shoppers love most.”

Founded in 2017, Firework is a video streaming platform that specializes in short-form content. It allows users to create and host immersive content, as well as allowing users to livestream videos. Partnering with Firework will enable Albertsons to both create short-form videos to post on the sites of their retail stores, as well as allowing regular users to create their own content to send and share.

While companies that work with Firework can still benefit from partnering with a business like Vmation — — to create professional-looking videos, the fact that Firework allows users to submit their own video content to retailer’s websites is a big innovation.

In theory, this should help create the aforementioned “immersive shopping experience”, by helping consumers learn about brands and products directly from short videos like these. This should make the exercise of browsing through a retail store’s website or mobile app more akin to the process of window shopping on a regular store, where consumers get to run into unique products and ask clerks for information.

While Albertsons is Firework’s first US-based client, the company has plenty of experience in its resume. They currently work with over 600 direct-to-consumer brands and retailers around the world, and they have already raised over $100 million in funding from various venture capital firms. They currently boast over 1 billion monthly active users, with some of their growth having been accelerated by the shift to online shopping encouraged by the pandemic.

According to Firework, implementing their short-form videos with a company’s retail experience can lead to a 30% add-to-cart rate, a huge boost over the 8% industry standard. The company also claims that live shopping can lead to a fourfold increase in purchase completion.

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