SwifLearn Takes A Big Leap – Receives STEM Accreditation

It gives us immense pleasure to be able to share with our students and parents the news of SwifLearn being awarded STEM accreditation.

Online PR News – 01-October-2021 – Gurgaon – Introduction

It gives us immense pleasure to be able to share with our students and parents the news of SwifLearn being awarded STEM accreditation. This accreditation has been given to SwifLearn by the STEM.org Educational Research (SER) in recognition of SwifLearn’s approach for developing online professional learning experiences, and the delivery of knowledge and skills through online learning.

STEM accreditation means a lot for all of us at SwifLearn. This accreditation is in line with SwifLearn’s mission to make quality education accessible to all and reach a large pool of learners around the world. It is a clear reflection of what we do, what sets us apart, and, ultimately, the role we play in today’s education industry.

What is STEM accreditation?

STEM.org Educational Research is the longest-running STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) research organization that offers various services including STEM-credentialing. It has worked with public, private, and charter schools since 2001 to thoroughly examine a school’s curriculum, teachers, and programs.

Some of the qualifications for a school or an online educational platform to be STEM accredited include:

Access to “21st century skills” such as media proficiency and cross-cultural awareness
Original classes and lessons revolving around STEM
Adequate technology incorporated into the classes
Hands-on learning and collaboration
Secure third-party review and evaluation process

Becoming STEM-accredited by SER means the school, university, or online educational platform’s curriculum was examined thoroughly for efficiency and quality. The accreditation is a great accomplishment and one that most of the online programs strive for.

What contributed to SwifLearn’s STEM accreditation?

Receiving STEM accreditation means that all SwifLearn programs have passed the stringent STEM requirements, so those considering to enroll their kids in our programs can rest assure that their child is experiencing the education of the highest quality.

Some of the key factors that played a crucial role in SwifLearn acquiring STEM accreditation include:

-Active learning class environment
-Interactive LIVE online classes
-Detailed academic progress reports
-Personalized learning through face-to-face interaction
-Learning through interactive games & fun activities
-Rigorous quality checks for ensuring class quality

We are constantly pushing ourselves to bring out the best in our students. And getting the sought-out STEM accreditation is a milestone we’re proud to have achieved!

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