Authenteq Announces First Female CEO

Authenteq, the world’s first fully automated identity verification platform, has named their first female CEO, Katarzyna Kazimierczak-Mrowinska

Online PR News – 21-September-2021 – Berlin, Germany – Authenteq announced today that Katarzyna Kazimierczak-Mrowinska is the new CEO, becoming the first woman to hold the title at the company.

Kazimierczak-Mrowinska has been with Authenteq since 2018, initially hired as the COO. In that role she collaborated closely with the company’s founder and original CEO, Kári Thor Runarsson, the Board of Directors, and was a crucial part of setting up organizational and operational strategies, overseeing budgets and financial performance, building an inclusive culture, and securing funding rounds. Runarsson has stepped down as CEO to focus on a new venture but remains on the Board of Directors.

“Katarzyna, or Kasia as we call her, has been an integral part of our team since the day she joined and with my departure I can think of no better person to succeed me,” says Runarsson. “She brings a wealth of knowledge and has proven to be both an effective and compassionate leader. The company is in great hands and I am thrilled to continue to support it through my role as a board member.”

Kazimierczak-Mrowinska graduated from Kozminski University, where she obtained her diploma in LL.M in International Commercial Law and a Master in European Law in Spain and Poland. She also studied Finance and Management at the Warsaw School of Economics and completed Harvard Business School’s CORe program. She’s been active in the tech sector, notably the blockchain and identity spaces, since 2015. The decision to promote Kazimierczak-Mrowinska to CEO is also in line with the Authenteq’s gender parity goals. They are on track to reach a 50/50 ratio by the end of 2021 with women at every level within the company and present in all departments, a rarity in the male-dominated tech sector.

“I’m thrilled with Authenteq’s decision to promote Kasia to CEO,” says Tim Draper, founder of Draper Associates. “Having worked closely with her for the past few years, I truly don’t think they could have named a better person to step into this role. She has the full support of the board and, of course, me.” Mr Draper is a board member and shareholder of Authenteq. Draper Associates also led Authenteq’s Series A funding in 2019 and a Series A2 extension in June 2021.

Authenteq, the world’s first fully automated identity verification platform, established in 2015 has raised $8.2M USD in funding through a seed round, Series A, and a selection of grants. Kazimierczak-Mrowinska is preparing the company for Series B.

“The identity verification space is such an exciting space right now and I truly feel that Authenteq is on the brink of something big,” says Kazimierczak-Mrowinska. “We have an incredible team, a clear vision, and I’m honored to lead the company as we move closer to making the internet a safer space one identity at a time.”


Authenteq is the world’s first fully automated identity verification platform. Their AI-powered eKYC system allows companies and services to onboard users in just 35 seconds with a verification process that requires only one piece of government-issued ID, a selfie, and a liveness check. Built on the seven key principles of Privacy by Design, fully GDPR compliant, and ISO 27001 certified, Authenteq offers a safe and secure approach to identity verification at scale.

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