'Old Faces' by Edward Forde Hickey is published

Fourth book in a series of fictional southern Irish tales

Online PR News – 18-September-2021 – London, England – ISBN #978-1839756641

“Old Faces” by Edward Forde Hickey is published

Fourth book in a series of fictional southern Irish tales

About the Book:

This fourth book in the series, portrays a closely-knit group of people living in the north Tipperary hills during the early 20th century - a community largely made up of small farmers, whose lives were far different from today. The book's inspiration comes from writers such as Thomas Hardy and attempts to pass on to readers the lyrical and rich phrasings of Tipperary's old hill folk and capture the spiritual wealth of an age that remained unchanged for several centuries.

Tales of . . .

* brotherly love and hate.
* a rogue's return from across the sea and his efforts to reform.
* an unexpected first-love at the harvest-time dance-in-the-fields.
* persecution of two old saints at the hands of misguided youth.
* sports-day activities for adults and children alike, following the arduous channelling of a new stream.
* two adventurous toddlers, getting lost in the wilderness but saved by a witch.

'. . . lovers of literature will find themselves engrossed in the lives of a past hillside community.'
Addison & Cole

About the Author:

Edward Forde Hickey lives in Kent with his wife. They have three sons. During the years 1962 until 1998, he taught in inner city primary schools (laterally as a headteacher for 18 years). In early life, he was a pop star with Decca records (see ‘Eddie Hickey/Lady May’) and later sang with the Glenside Ceilidhe Band in The Galtymore Dancehall, Cricklewood (1965/1975).

Born of Irish parents during the Blitz of London, he spent his first five years of life nurtured and moulded by his grandmother in the foothills above Dolla, near Nenagh in County Tipperary. His grandmother is and always was his inspiration; she had a natural gift with words.

Edward has always been interested in folklore and the Irish past (its music, dance and literature). He was a champion Irish step-dancer. He taught and adjudicated it, even as far afield as in Australia, before dedicating himself to research into hillside communities in north Tipperary, from where he brought back tapes of original songs for The English Folk Dance and Song Society.

He keeps a small farm in the foothills of north Tipperary and visits it often.

The first three books in the series are entitled “Tales from Tipperarary”, “Reflections” and “From Time to Time”.

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