A Universal Monument is under way to guide Human civilization towards Enlightenment.

Superhuman Monastery President, World's youngest Philosopher, Vishal Chipkar, approves the universal Monument design of its International Enlightenment Centre.

Online PR News – 12-September-2021 – NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – Vishal Chipkar, a celebrated Author, Philosopher, has approved a monument for the International Enlightenment Centre for the welfare of Human Civilization to awaken spiritualism in mankind. Vishal has dedicated his entire life to his Superhuman Monastery initiatives. He is a man of wisdom and also a goodwill peace ambassador for spiritual advisory to various government leaders who encourages Religious, Non- religious and Atheists followers to upgrade their inner consciousness unconditionally.

Superhuman Monastery is an International Enlightenment Centre where people follow and practice Spirituality, focusing to eradicate the three major setbacks of human life– Ignorance, Ego & Immaturity, which has seized human minds, Vishal quotes. He is promoting awareness amongst people not to get blocked by these barriers and hence save humanity.

‘Meditation is the spark to burn the crackers of Self-Ignorance, Ego and Immaturity – Vishal Chipkar’

Superhuman Monastery doesn’t publicize their works through any social media accounts and advises mankind to self-experience spiritualism in their journey of life. Vishal Chipkar says not to copy other spiritual roads, but to trust and create your own path towards wisdom. He also says we all merge through different beaches but to a single ocean of divine consciousness. The committee of the Monastery has plans of constructing the Monument on a Mountain. The concept behind this structure as briefed by Vishal Chipkar is targeted on abolishing the Human Ignorance, Ego & Immaturity. He has written a top selling book ‘Enter Heaven’ where he has explained that all Mankind’s suffering is due to the above 3 setbacks only.

The survey for the monument construction has been initiated in the US, Gangtok, Tibet, New Zealand, GCC countries, Africa and in Canada. The Committee of the Monastery will finalize on the location based on these survey results.

‘Participate in cosmic evolving process named LIFE as an audience, to enjoy your astral powers and live like Eternals – Vishal Chipkar’

Monastery has plans to invite 5 country Presidents and Prime Ministers to inaugurate the Monument once the construction is completed. This would be the only place where human civilization can find answers to their life problems, to earn wisdom and walk towards spiritualism.

About Superhuman Monastery
Superhuman Monastery is a non-profit organization exclusively founded to save the human civilization from Ignorance, Ego and immaturity problems. Superhuman Monastery is partnered with Orphanage residential schools and runs hunger initiatives campaigns to feed more than 1000 children globally. All the programs of the Monastery are funded by LEMN Corporation, New York, United States of America.

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