AWS Security and Penetration Testing Webinar

InfosecTrain to host a live webinar on security specials about AWS Security and Penetration Testing

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InfosecTrain which is an advanced IT security training provider is hosting a live webinar entitled ‘AWS Security and Penetration Testing’; to discuss everything you need to know about AWS Security and Penetration Testing. Security is a major concern for every organization. The realm of the Cloud is full of vulnerabilities and risks. Cloud being a shared infrastructure is more vulnerable to security breaches. Penetration testing is an advanced approach to vulnerability assessment and identifying loopholes in your network and system.

AWS is one of the world's major cloud computing platforms, with the greatest market share in the industry. It is developing at an exponential rate, and as it gains a larger share of the market, the need to protect it against breaches and vulnerabilities grows in perfect agreement. It appears that the importance of security to any business or individual is inevitable. With the ongoing cyber warfare, it is one of the most well-known interactions in the IT business. The AWS Certified Security credential is for cloud security specialists who want to prove that they know how to secure the AWS domain. For peers who play a security function in an organization, this is critical.

Penetration testing, often known as Pen testing, is a process of assessing the security levels of a system or network. It may also be used to identify faults and problems in hardware and software. This Pentest can assist in defending the network if the vulnerabilities or faults are found early; otherwise, the attacker will be able to quickly locate the source of intrusion into the system. During Penetration testing, a Pentester examines all security measures in the system, including design faults, technological flaws, and other vulnerabilities.

When: 29th Sept 2021 8.00 -9.00 PM (IST)

Why attend:
Security is likely one of the most popular game plays in the IT business, which comes as no surprise. We've come a long way from the days when security was an afterthought in the commercial world. In the current situation, security is the driving force behind the entire operation. It's critical to discover system and network vulnerabilities as soon as possible so that an investigation may be carried out in a reasonable time. This webinar will help you understand the entire structure of Cloud security, AWS defensive approach and native solutions, offensive way of securing the cloud, and Penetration testing in cloud strategies.

The webinar will be an excellent opportunity for individuals looking forward to choosing their careers in Cloud Security. The webinar will be presented by a highly skilled trainer having vast industry experience. The participants can interact with the presenter and clear their doubts about starting a promising career in the Cloud Security domain.

Agenda for the webinar
? Introduction to Cloud Security Architecture
? AWS defensive approach and native solutions
? Securing the cloud - Offensive way
? Penetration testing in cloud strategies
? Q&A

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