has Partnered with Moonwalk

For those looking for playhouses for their kids, is one of the options out there.

Online PR News – 08-September-2021 – Silver Spring – For those looking for playhouses for their kids, is one of the options out there. It is a family-operated company founded last 2019 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Though it is just a small-owned business, they offer high-quality outdoor playsets and equipment nationwide.

One of their best-selling playhouses is the bounce house. It is an inflatable outdoor playset for both residential and commercial use.

For those who are already a customer of, their newest business venture is good news since it will also bring a lot of benefits to the regular customers of the shop. Recently, partnered with Moonwalk, a renowned manufacturer of bounce houses or inflatable playgrounds. Moonwalk has been in the business since 2003, and since then, they have become one of the household names in the US for people looking for bounce houses. Because of the partnership, there will be many options for bounce houses available at the shop. Indeed, it is something to look forward to, especially to those who have kids looking for more fun activities for their little ones at home or for commercial purposes like renting.

Quality and Affordable Bounce House For Kids At Home

As mentioned, Moonwalk has been one of the go-to stores for bounce houses since 2003. For eight years, they have managed to manufacture large-scale and high-quality inflatables for outdoor use.

Moonwalk features different types of bounce houses. One of them is the combo bounce house. It is a combination of a bounce house and a slide. Because of the overall design, it adds more fun and excitement to kids making it one of the most best-selling bounce houses among rental companies. One of the combo bounce houses, the green and blue one with a pool at the end, is perfect for dry or wet use. Thus, people can use it, especially for summer and children's parties. This bounce house measures 27 inches x 13 inches x 13 inches. Since it is big and sturdy, it can accommodate up to nine people at a time or up to 900 pounds. Those with a bigger backyard should choose this one.

Aside from the combo bounce house, there are also other varieties offered like the bounce house that features obstacles. It is perfect for sporty kids and those seeking another level of entertainment.You can check and go to the Moonwalk page to see more of their available bounce houses. All the items are posted at a discounted price to accommodate more people to buy them. As of this writing, some of the bounce houses on the listing are already sold out. It only means it has positive feedback among its customers.

Timely Collaboration To Produce More Bounce Houses

The collaboration between and Moonwalk is timely and necessary. With the global pandemic still on the rise, many people—including children—are still at high risk of getting sick. To keep each family member safe from the threat of the virus, bringing the fun at home keeps everyone from going out more often. And with the special prices offered for each of the products, it will sell out in no time. Somehow, the inflatable playhouse can bring the same excitement to children when they are out on the playgrounds and amusement parks. Thus, families with kids at home can benefit a lot from purchasing these outdoor playhouses. It is a good solution to keep children from getting bored at home.