4 Practical Tips to Locate the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi NCR

Surrogacy is a higher form of assisted reproduction where the surrogate mother will carry the biological embryo of the intended parents.

Online PR News – 10-September-2021 – Delhi – There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of being a parent. Unfortunately, every couple may have to face difficulties in making a child. Surrogacy is a higher form of assisted reproduction where the surrogate mother will carry the biological embryo of the intended parents.

Problems in the uterus often cause the inability to carry the embryo for nine long months. If you face the same problem but want to be a mother, finding the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi NCR will be the wisest solution. As the process is elaborate and has many complicated aspects, it is better to ensure that the intended parents and the surrogate are in safe hands. It is time to learn how to find safe hands.

1. Location
The gestational surrogate and the intended parents have to work with the same fertility clinic. There are several medical steps for the completion of the process, like:

- Using the gametes from both of you or the donors, in case you are infertile
- Egg retrieval process execution
- Embryo transfer

Now, these are only a few from the long list of medical procedures. You have to choose a surrogacy centre in India at a convenient location and easily accessible from your location and from the surrogate's location too. Both parties have to visit the clinic regularly for numerous screenings and monitoring.

Also, remember, the surrogate has to access the clinic during pregnancy, so the location should be nearby to help her reach the clinic without much exhaustion during the advanced stage of pregnancy.

2. Cost
It is easy to think that you can pay anything for being a parent. But in a real-life scenario, you should make a practical decision. Bringing the child into this world is just the beginning of a lifetime to nurture the little one and support the child to become an independent human being. You will need money to do so.

- Find the best surrogacy center in India that is offering a cost-effective plan.
- Check whether the clinic is accepting the insurance. It is essential to budget the expense as the process already needs considerable investment.
- Ask the reproductive endocrinologist at the best clinics to walk you through the different IVF packages so that you can compare the quotes and choose the right clinic that suits your budget.

3. Rate of success
When you are ready to spend so much money on the assisted reproduction, you should gather enough information about the statistical success rates of the different fertility clinics. Discuss the number of successful cases from the clinic. Also, ask about the rate of success that they expect from your case.

- A high success rate is evidence of the efficiency of the team working on the process.
- If the best surrogacy center in Delhi has already dealt with complicated cases, then the chance of success is always higher owing to the team's expertise.

It will also give you more confidence to proceed with the alternative option.

4. Ability to meet the needs
Every couple is unique when it comes to pregnancy-related problems. In some cases, the woman might be releasing healthy eggs but has a weak uterus to carry the baby. Some may have problems in the release of eggs too. Depending on the situation, the clinic has to make a list of all necessary tests and screening like:

- Cryopreservation
- In-vitro fertilization
- Medical screening
- Gamete retrieval
- Pregnancy testing for the gestational surrogates
- Genetic screening of the embryo

The surrogacy centre in Delhi, India, must have the infrastructure to offer all such services and more. Complete care is important from the clinic to guide you continuously through the procedure.