V&YOU releases a new max strength nicotine pouch with the first-ever child-resistant locking can.

Pushing nicotine and mouthwatering flavours to the limit, V&YOU's new nicotine pouches are made for a long-lasting rush for experienced nicotine lovers.

Online PR News – 07-September-2021 – London – The new max strength Boost+ pouches from V&YOU are made for the long-lasting rush snus, and nicotine pouch lovers desire. With each soft white pouch, expect a bold and bright burst of flavour balanced with a powerfully refreshing kick at roughly 50% more nicotine per pouch.

New Levels of Nicotine
“We’re incredibly excited to share this product with our fans. Boost+ is simply one of the best nicotine pouches we’ve ever made. The flavour combos, the nicotine content and flavours, even the can itself has been improved to deliver the ultimate in consumer satisfaction (not to mention the first-ever child-safe packaging). Just by looking at the can and the presentation of the product, people will know that this is special. We are proud to move to a whole new level with Boost+,” says Markus Bonke, Co-Founder at V&YOU.

Made for Travel
With a beautifully designed can, the pouches fit snugly under your lip, and the packaging fits easily in your pocket. The simple ingredients mean each pouch is odourless, and there’s nothing to stain teeth, providing a neat and discrete way to enjoy nicotine, whatever you’re doing.

Small & Mighty
“Our customers demanded a stronger nicotine pouch, and we’ve really delivered here,” says Co-Founder Titus Wouda Kuipers. “With 15mg of Swiss-made nicotine per pouch combined with our fantastic delivery system, this is for pure fans who love the nicotine sensation without the hang-ups of smoking, vaping or snus.”

Combining Safety with Luxury
Luxury isn’t often a phrase that’s often associated with nicotine pouches, with many brands using childish or cartoonish imagery to sell their products. However, V&YOU have created a professional looking can with a beautiful metallic finish that matches style with substance. With the first-ever child-resistant lock, these cans are made for keeps and ensure you can keep your can out of smaller hands.

Find your Flavour
As expected from V&YOU, the Boost+ flavour profiles hit the spot and include their tried-and-tasty blends, such as intense mint, fresh citrus and cool berry.

No Smoke, Just the Rush
V&YOU want people to make up their minds about smoking, but the fact is: smoking kills over half of all those who do it - not to mention 600,000 people a year who don't smoke (via second-hand smoke). Cigarettes and cigars are thought to be the world's greatest preventable killer. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the predicted death toll is a billion by the end of the century. There have been no deaths to date relating to nicotine pouches.

Product Information
+ Slim, all white, no teeth staining
+ Super-soft pouches
+ High-grade ingredients
+ 0.55g weight per pouch
+ 15mg nicotine per pouch (27mg per gram)
+ Swiss-made nicotine
+ 20 pouches per can
+ Metallic tin with child-lock

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