Xavor is organizing a webinar on key practices to accelerate your Agile PLM performance

As customers demand more personalized products and experiences manufacturers are finding it challenging to meet these rapidly evolving need with traditional PLM

Online PR News – 03-September-2021 – Irvine, CA – Xavor Corporation, a leading technology company based in Irvine, California, is hosting a webinar on ‘Extending the Useful Life of Agile PLM’ on September 9, 2021 featuring the Vice President of IT services at Xavor, Faisal Saeed, Software Engineer, Muhammad Zaeem, and Project Manager, Bilal Javed. The speakers will share their wealth of experience to inform Agile PLM users the methods and added services that will revamp the Agile PLM experience.

Agile PLM expert, Faisal Saeed, addresses the current predicament faced by Agile users, “There are some reasons why users want to migrate to other PLMS like better user experience, extended provision of support, more features and better integrations to other software. By working closely with some of the fastest growing organizations, we have understood and answered their needs within the Agile environment to their satisfaction, without going through extraneous measures to migrate data. We can claim confidently that all requirements and advancements can be achieved on Agile PLM through Xavor’s extensive suite of add-ons and integrations.”

As customers demand more and more personalized products and experiences, manufacturers are finding it challenging to meet these rapidly evolving needs with their traditional PLMs. For today’s innovation processes across products, services and dynamic customer demands, companies need cross functional engineering, IT, and development teams with the rest of their business from their PLM.

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For manufacturers, this means building a responsive and resilient PLM infrastructure for seamless connectivity between operational and marketing teams. Manufacturers must achieve this without risking their software’s functionality in form of prolonged downtime or security breaches.

Regular maintenance, timely updates and, bespoke customizations and integrations can transform PLM’s functionality by enhancing user experience, reducing time to market, and driving product innovation.

From enhancing user experience to streamlining engineering processes, timely Agile PLM upgrades and innovative add-ons/ integrations help businesses unlock speed and agility within their organization. Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and has resolved around 6000 PLM-related issues by now. Learn how Xavor’s premium Agile services enhance software functionality and empower businesses to maintain a profitable innovation pipeline, at the live webinar on September 9, 2021 at 11 AM PST.

Learning Outcomes:
• Perform Agile Upgrade with minimal downtime
• Maintain Agile Platform with end-to-end management
• Lift to Cloud to leverage a centralized and secure data repository
• Develop custom add-ons to suit your specific needs
• Install integrations to extend operability and enable quick communication

About Xavor
Xavor is the partner of choice for leading life sciences and medical device manufacturers. Xavor has 25 years of experience providing customized technology solutions to address the challenges of the life sciences industry to create and capture value across the technology and business ecosystems.