Certified Intensive Psychiatric Service Dog Training Course Now Available Online Worldwide on SDTSI

Service Dog Training School International is glad to announce that its Certified Intensive Psychiatric Service Dog Training Course is now available online.

Online PR News – 26-August-2021 – Dublin, Ireland – Certified Intensive Psychiatric Service Dog Training Course is specifically designed for people who have been diagnosed with a mental or emotional disability which affects one or more aspects of their lives, and thus qualify to be assisted by a psychiatric service dog. Disabilities that qualify are anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, phobia, hyperactivity, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The psychiatric service dog, once effectively trained, will help its owner greatly improve his/her quality of life, as well as provide company and unlimited affection. To serve its purpose, training must be tailored according to the condition of the owner, as the psychiatric service dog will have to perform tasks specifically related to the owner’s disability.

There’s a variety of actions PSDs are trained to perform, such as interrupting self-harm behaviors, reminding to take medication, guiding owners out of situations which could trigger anxiety or panic attacks, tuning lights on, and so on. Some of these actions are intentionally requested by the handler, others are not requested but cued by the environment.

SDTSI’s Certified Intensive Psychiatric Service Dog Training Course, with its One-on-one Instructor Support, helps the dog owner correctly identifying the tasks the training should focus on. This ensures that the owner can benefit of the dog training results and dog presence at their utmost.

SDTSI’s instructors will make sure the service dog is trained appropriately for each task the owner needs assistance with. They will also ensure that the dog receives specific training to maintain a proper conduct in public, which is definitely important as the psychiatric service dog will accompany their owner in public areas, and it cannot cause any disturbance or show any sign of aggressive behavior.

This Psychiatric Service Dog Training Course is developed by a team of experienced behavioral experts and certified trainers. It is structured to gradually achieve small goals in a short amount of time, providing tangible benefits and life improvement just after a few sessions.

Choosing to train with expert service dog trainers, is usually the best option, on a financial, timing and efficiency level. Adopting an already trained PSD can be very expensive, and the bond between the dog and owner won’t be as strong as that of the owner and dog taking the training course together. Establishing a strong dog-owner bond is key to the psychiatric service dog effectively carrying out its tasks to mitigate disabling symptoms.

Attending SDTSI’s PSD Training Course will definitely get faster results than self-training, and SDTSI’s professional trainers’ feedback and course certification will provide a 100% assurance of having mastered the requested skills for Psychiatric Service Dogs.

As the course is online, there is no limitation of location or time, the course can be taken at the wanted speed. All methods employed in SDTSI ‘s psychiatric service dog training sessions are animal friendly, easy to follow and effective. After the completion of the course, SDTSI will provide a dog certification which attests the completion of the training and a service dog identification kit, which includes vest, ID and book.

SDTSI's Certified Intensive Psychiatric Service Dog Training is sold at the affordable price of $349 for 6 modules of training, the price also includes the dog certification fee ($130) and is available on Service Dog Training School International website.

Other service dog online training courses are also available at the SDTSI portal: https://www.ServiceDogTrainingSchool.org/Online-School