AFATAG | 'BosTan' Talk show officially launched on August 28

BosTan Sponsored by AFATAG - intelligent advertising price tag system

Online PR News – 25-August-2021 – Cambridge – “BosTan", which is sponsored by AFATAG will be officially launched on August 28th

“BosTan" is a large-scale high-quality Talk show launched by Boston Asian TV & Radio Station and Boston Chinese Website. It is produced by Mr. Guoliang Yu, the founder and director of Boston International Media Consulting, with Mr. Leaky Li, a senior media executive, as the chief planner and host, and Mr. Lulu Lai, a senior media executive, as the co-producer and producer.

The show focuses on current topics, useful information and outstanding people. The program is centered on the New England region of the United States, with a focus on North America and the global Chinese-speaking region. Each episode is at least 20 minutes long and is updated every Friday and will use social media as the main broadcast channel.

The show "BosTan" is divided into three sections.

" Humanity Talk," " Business Talk," and " World Talk.

The " Humanity Talk" is a program of interviews with outstanding people, especially those of Chinese and Asian descent. Through the promotion of the people interviewed, a good image of Chinese people is created. By reporting on their contributions in related fields, the show will expand its influence and become a role model for more Chinese people and show them the clear way.

“Business Talk" focuses on the topics of business, financial insurance, real estate, study abroad, immigration and related government policies. It provides practical and effective information and in-depth explanations to the audience. We will answer questions and provide effective assistance.

The topic of " World Talk " is about the hot topics of the current events. It provides the viewers with the background and future direction of news events. It is also an interactive exchange with the users to gather the voices of Chinese people in North America and around the world and to expand the awareness and voice of Chinese people in related fields.

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Upcoming Events:
August 28, 2021, 2:00 pm.
AFATAG “BosTan” officially launched Ceremony will be held at Quincy Golden Gate Supermarket! YouTube and UPLIVE will broadcast live!

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Expand the influence of Chinese people in the United States and help Chinese people make their voices heard!

Broadcast platform: YouTube, bilibili

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