New Book by Ernest Michel DeZolt: Hanging by Thread

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to present the latest work by Ernest Michel DeZolt: Hanging by Thread

Online PR News – 25-August-2021 – New York, NY – HANGING BY THREAD is Ernest Michael DeZolt's second literary publication in as many years. In this work, he compares the world he understood, and accepted, as a youth with the realizations that the world in change has established. In DeZolt's view, the world is in sharp decline with little remaining but indebted peonage to devalued currency of all varieties. In keeping with his world view, his poems resonate with sociological imagination.

Across his academic career, DeZolt has cautioned his students against depthless comparison. Though comparison is an important consideration when accessing a present state with its past and likely future. Notwithstanding its importance, comparison can lead to disillusionment due to methodological difficulty in measuring the salience of change. With reference to our changing world, some would argue that advances in technology have led to improvements for much of the world's population. Others would disagree, lamenting that we have replaced thoughtful evolution with vacant progress.
The poems in HANGING BY THREAD propel the reader to either accept or reject the idea that our changing world is progressively ideal.

Whichever the reader believes, there is no discounting the fact that both rapid and radical change has occurred. The question for the reader is, "At what cost?" As with his last book, AN INHERITANCE OF PROMISE, this work examines answers to the question of costly change.

Ernest Michel DeZolt, Ph.D., is an academic sociologist with forty years of teaching experience. Throughout his teaching career, across a varied curriculum, he has emphasized critical thinking in the areas of the unpredictability of life events, the importance of responding and not reacting to life events, and understanding that the formation of individual identity arrives through the filtering of experiences.

Title: Hanging by Thread
Author: Ernest Michel DeZolt
Publisher: Adelaide Books
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ISBN: 978-1955196543
Price: $19.60
Page Count: 76 pages
Formats: Paperback

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