Round Table International President

DK Singh becomes 3rd Indian to be appointed president of Round Table International

Online PR News – 24-August-2021 – New Delhi, Delhi, India – Agra: The annual Round Table International (RTI) meet was conducted in this city recently through video conferencing, During this meeting, DK Singh who hails from here only, was elected international President for 2020-2021. Singh incidentally is the third Indian to be selected to the coveted post in the 93-year-old history of RTI.
RTI is an organization spread over 65 countries with almost 30,000 members. There are approximately 2.275 clubs under the flagship of RTI. The RTI is basically an organization of the youth with all members in the age group of 18-40. The members come together to bring out the change in themselves and in the community.

Singh’s appointment to the post of RTI President was followed by the investiture of other headboard members. Among those appointed were Graham Cornelissen (South African, Vice President) Giles Walers (Luxembourg, Secretary), Robert Kernis (Great Britain, Treasurer), and Sebestian Walter (Immediate Past President). Apart from those five key positions, 12 more delegates were also appointed as part of the International Board. These 17 officials will look after the operations of RTI for the next one year.

It should be stated here that the first-ever round table was formed in Norwich, England in 1927 by Louis Merchesi.

Round Table India was formed in 1962, Now it has 4600 members, people who put personal preference aside to serve the larger needs of the community.

During the lockdown in India, to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Round Table India Launched the “Round Table Kitchen” (RTI Kitchen) initiative. In this program, over 55 Lakh meals were distributed all over India in a span of 45 Days.