'The Diary of Brother Prious' by Ray Tyrrell is published by New Generation Publishing

Cornwall 1068: The Tale of The Brother, The Father, and The Knight

Online PR News – 22-August-2021 – London, England – ISBN #978-1800311794

“The Diary of Brother Prious” by Ray Tyrrell is published by New Generation Publishing

Cornwall 1068: The Tale of The Brother, The Father, and The Knight

About the Book:

Brother Prious, a Breton monk, is an agent in Cornwall of the Norman King William’s spymaster and half-brother, Bishop Odo. In 1068, the sons of the defeated King Harold plan to invade England from Ireland with the remains of the Saxon army. Landing on the north coast of Cornwall, they plan to join with the army of King Mark and march on Exeter.Odo teams Brother Prious with an unconventional French knight, Sir Raoul, on a mission to stop the rebellion before it starts. They are joined by a Saxon priest from Exeter, Father Waestan. He is a double agent working for the Saxon Archbishop Stigand and Bishop Odo. In carrying out their mission they uncover one of history’s secrets, only now being uncovered and disputed to this day.

Excerpt from the Book:

“Brother Prious heard the horses before he saw the knight. The streets of Winchester were narrow and the stone road strewn with rubbish. The street on which he stood had a small stream flowing down its centre so the smell was not quite as bad as it had been. The midday sun was almost overhead, casting deep shadows and forming shafts of bright light between the wood and stone dwellings.

He stepped back into a gap between two houses and studied the horseman that rode towards him, unaware of his presence. The knight was a fighting man; that was certain. He seemed a Norman, but, Prious noted, not a typical Norman.

He rode a fine grey charger, a Norman courser, and led a chestnut palfrey that had linen bags tied to its back. The charger was sweating a little and looked as if he had travelled far that day.

The bright April sun lit the knight, flashing as it reflected off his mail. Prious could just see the dark grey linen of his shirt and the black wool of his breeches, which were loose until they met the tight criss-cross bindings below his knee, which laced up from his light leather ankle boots. He was a nobleman. Only nobles criss-crossed their bindings.”

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