Learn Now launch New Initiative to Kickstart Employability Skills

We will be discussing a new initiative launched by Learn Now to get people back on track career wise.

Online PR News – 18-August-2021 – Exeter, United Kingdom – Following the success of their functional skills online eLearning course, Learn Now online learning college have launched their Free Employability Skills course, which is available to anyone who is looking to get back into employment and kickstart their career. This course is aimed at individuals who feel that they are lacking the necessary skills to either find a job or go further in their career due to lack of guidance and confidence.

Disruption in Education

During the past 18 months, there has been so much uncertainty due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and many aspects of people’s lives have been affected, not least the massive disruption in education. An example of this is where A Levels were cancelled in the 2020 and 2021 summer series, which meant not only did learners have to study their a levels online, but examination results were based on predicted grades relating to assessments that had been completed. Whilst this may have suited many students, who perform better with coursework, a number of students felt disadvantaged due to the fact that they had not given their all to their schoolwork, preferring to spend their time studying for examinations. Those who did not fare so well are finding themselves in the situation of retaking another year at school/college or looking for employment in an already stretched market.

Competitive Jobs Market

The Covid-19 pandemic is also responsible for mass unemployment, with companies unable to survive through the continual lockdowns and this has resulted in a large number of company closures. Many businesses that were recession proof are not necessarily pandemic proof, which is something that is now evident and very few were prepared for. With so many more people looking for employment, the companies that are hiring can afford to be selective.

Smashing that Job Application

On a positive note, Learn Now’s Employability Skills course is intended to bridge the skills gap and assist in giving every job applicant, the best possible chance when applying for jobs or sitting in front of a prospective employer in an interview situation.

Firstly, the emphasis will be on current circumstances and where learners are at the moment; this will enable them to put together a plan of where they want to be in the future and take the opportunity to reflect. One stumbling block for many job applicants, is the different methods of applying for vacancies and this course will take them through the various styles together with a step by step guide to completing a CV. Administration and customer service skills will also be covered which will give applicants the best possible preparation at any job interview.

What have we learned?

It would seem that now more than ever, individuals need to be at the top of their game when either applying for jobs or attempting to progress their career. Application and interview skills are something that people assume they already hold but with competition currently at its highest level, there is no room for error.

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