Exclusive Skin Medical Aesthetics Treatments Are Now Offered At This Parkland Clinic

In search of an exclusive package of skin medical aesthetics treatments? Check these two options available at the 5th & Wellness.

Online PR News – 18-August-2021 – Boca Raton – There is great news for the patients looking for top-quality skin medical aesthetics treatments in the Parkland area. The leading cosmetic therapy-providing clinic, 5th & Wellness, is now offering skin aesthetic therapies for women and men. The best part of their service is that these procedures are carried out by a team of authorized, dedicated, and world-class doctors.

One of the treatments they provide is using a chemical peel. It is a medical solution that helps remove dead cells so that new cell growth can be promoted and a fresh skin layer can form. The damaged skin gets cleared within a couple of days after the treatment is done. This developed new skin stays hydrated with a good glow.

But what can be treated by this therapy? The chief doctor in the clinic replied, “Any person who is suffering from sun damage, or hyperpigmentation, or aged skin problems, or acne, or dry skin problems, can contact us any time. We take a very systematic approach, and people are benefited in a number of ways.” The treatment procedure helps reduce acne problems, lighten freckles, fix the uneven skin tone, and reduce melasma-induced skin discoloration. The peels they mostly use are VI peel and SkinCeuticals, which give the patients glowing, smooth, and radiant skin.

Another treatment options one can find here is the dermaplane. It is quick skincare that causes no feelings of pain. Medical experts have designed this treatment to remove the vellus hair and the dead cells that make the skin refreshed, smooth, and glowing. In this treatment, a small sterilized blade is used, which is moved gently upward for the removal of old skin.

About 5th & Wellness
5th & Wellness is a cosmetic medical wellness center based in Boca Raton. They combine a holistic approach with integrative medicine to deliver the best results in anti-aging treatment.
So, if anyone needs comprehensive skin pen needling treatment in Boca Raton, they can contact the clinic at any time. And not only Boca Raton, 5th & Wellness offers services to men and women in other areas of Southern Florida, like Parkland, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, etc.

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