BPSC announces partnerships with J&O Realty and Consulting

Barcelona Premier Soccer Club announces a multi-year partnership with J&O Reality and Consulting

Online PR News – 13-August-2021 – San Antonio, Texas – Barcelona Premier Soccer Club announces a multi-year partnership with J&O Reality and Consulting. It is a partnership that is devoted to providing better opportunities for the kids of San Antonio and surrounding areas. Soccer is a sport that requires physical space to be played and J&O Reality and Consulting is the company that will be partnering with BPSC in this cause.

J&O Reality and Consulting is a company that is determined to provide high-level expertise with excellent customer service. It also provides attention to detail with the marketing and sales of Real Estate in San Antonio. This partnership with J&O Reality and Consulting can be very fruitful for BPSC as without adequate area for arranging matches the performance of youth soccer players will not be good.

J&O Reality and Consulting will provide affordable real-estate solutions for BPSC which will allow more coaches to cover more players and soccer leagues for kids. Moreover, a lot of players will be able to join BPSC and train in adequate training areas to get ready for real-life matches. J&O Reality and Consulting are currently operating in San Antonio as one of the best Real-Estate services providers.

Gabriela Gonzalez, the Vice President of BPSC said, “It is the rightmost opportunity for us to provide the youth soccer players with the space to train and practice their skills. It also allows more licensed coaches from the area to provide exceptional coaching services to the young players. With more opportunities like soccer leagues for kids for both youth soccer players and coaches, it will be a game-changer for Barcelona Premier Soccer Club.

As more and more local clubs and regional clubs are looking for competitive games, this partnership with J&O Reality and Consulting will allow us to host soccer leagues for kids. In this way, more teams will be approaching San Antonio for such events which will provide a lot of exposure to our youth soccer players. Moreover, the players will become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses by taking part in competitive games. As a whole, it will lead to the opportunity to grow the Barcelona Premier Soccer Club more rapidly and achieve the goal of competing at a professional level both for the club as well as youth soccer players.”

Carlos Cardoso, Head Coach BPSC said, “I have been a part of the club for years and seen a lot of opportunities to make this club better for the youth soccer players. This partnership with J&O Reality and Consulting seems best of all the opportunities as it is going to greatly benefit both the kids and club. From a coaching perspective, it is always necessary that every player gets the right place to train with his ball and polish his skills.

Without adding some physical space between kids, it is impossible to get productive results as they are unable to concentrate on their skills. With this partnership with J&O Reality and Consulting BPSC will be able to get a lot more land in San Antonio and surrounding areas to turn into practice fields and training areas.

In this way, something nearly impossible seems like happening sooner with a huge number of children getting the chance to polish their skills under supreme leadership from our licensed coaches and numerous training plans and skills along with the opportunity to experience soccer league for kids in San Antonio. It is something that makes me feel proud to be a part of the BPSC”

About Barcelona Premier Soccer Club
Barcelona Premier Soccer Club(BPSC) is a privately owned soccer club. It aims to provide exceptional training programs to youth soccer players. It offers year-round training opportunities for the kids with training plans and drills developed from the knowledge taken from countries that are more developed in the game.