A101 Group cooperates with Softline in the creation of virtual desktop on VMware basis

A101 Group cooperates with Softline in the creation of virtual desktop on VMware basis

Online PR News – 11-August-2021 – LONDON, United Kingdom – – A101 Group created virtual desktop infrastructure using VMware platform as a basis. It allows employees of the Group including ones who use specialized software to connect with company sources through any device. Approximately 43% of specialists already have their own virtual desktop: from designers to marketing personnel.

Softline, a global IT-solutions and services provider, participated as a partner in the implementation of the project. The company upgraded existing infrastructure and started the creation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Horizon platform developed by VMware. This platform is completed with the backend utilizing Nvidia video cards.

Aleksei Slozhenikin, A101 Group Chief Information Officer: “We changed our approach to the creation of virtual desktops used previously in 2020 to rapidly transfer employees to remote workspaces and introduced “Work from anywhere” model. This is one of the biggest world trends in the IT industry. According to Gartner's research approximately 40% of world companies will transfer to this work model before 2023. This model is based on the idea to eliminate “personal work computer”. Instead, each employee will have a virtual desktop available with any device: computer or laptop with Windows, MacOS or Linux, smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android. All necessary files will always be easily available for an employee.”

Using Horizon as a basis, Softline created Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, ensured fast delivery of the Company's apps and access to virtual storage. The company's data is stored on protected DPC which allows to reliably protect all crucial business information.

Pavel Zubko, Softline Key Customer Solutions Department: “VDI implementation allows provision of centralized management and support to work stations, eases scalability of IT-infrastructure, minimizes intrusion and leak risks which appear with creation of remote access to a desktop. Comfortable and continuous work is especially ensured to designers who work with specialized software like graphics applications, since such software has high requirements to IT-infrastructure performance and video cards quality.”

About Softline:
Softline facilitates digital transformation and cybersecurity services to customers from 50+ countries and in 95+ cities around the world. Our 2400+ client managers and 1000+ technical product and service specialists, engage with our clients to choose and integrate the right products in the most efficient way, creating and managing hybrid and secure infrastructures. Hand-in-hand with our clients, our global support and maintenance teams manage and support the infrastructure needed to underpin world-class digital transformation, cloud-based services and rock-solid cybersecurity.

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Softline’s goal is help you improve your business outcomes, and your quality of life through the most effective use of technology.

About A101 Group
A101 Group is an investment and construction holding company that is one of the biggest Moscow developers. Own land bank of the Group consists of more than 2.1 thousand ha of land plots in total in Troitskii and Novomoskovskii Districts of Moscow. During its life, A101 Group commissioned more than 2.9 million sq. meters of various purposed real property. Today the Group's portfolio of projects includes approximately 1 million sq. meters in the complex development of new Moscow territories: residential areas with developed infrastructure, large office centers, shopping, sports, and entertainment facilities. In 2020, A101 Group commissioned 524,9 thousand sq. meters of real property in Troitskii and Novomoskovskii Districts. This is 54% higher than in 2019.