SEO Brothers on an expansion mission that will see them reach more regions across the world

SEO Brothers is expanding to different regions inspired by the success of their first project- Mighty Tips.

Online PR News – 06-August-2021 – Riga – SEO Brothers; a reputable SEO and content marketing agency in the betting niche is expanding its horizons. The team of SEO specialist which also includes designers, coders, and business oriented creators and content makers is expanding to different regions in the world. Inspired by the success of their first project in 2019, the company has not to rested just on the popularity in one region, they have embarked on an expansion that will see them cover several more regions and publish in many different languages. Starting with Croatia where the site has gone live and is ready for use, SEO Brothers has seen the launch of Serbian Mighty Tips record tremendous success and now they are on the journey to set footprints in other parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Worldwide coverage

As the SEO Brothers puts it, they are in a quest to conquer the world; the company is aiming at reaching every part of the globe, offering its customers unrivalled services and quality. One of their projects Mighty Tips has recorded high success. They aimed at:
Reaching out to sports betting fans all over the globe, assisting them to learn and understand how they can use the free bets which are available to them.
Making the site available to more users across the globe; now available in seven languages including English, French, Polish, Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian and Brazilian Portuguese
Covering more regions and languages.
“If your region is not covered or we are not active in your area, prepare for us as we are coming any time soon,” said the company representative while calling on the users to be part of an exciting movement that is aimed at changing the sporting betting industry.
Local content
Given that the company is targeting markets in different regions where variety of languages are used, SEOBrothers shares the problems they face when it comes to launching websites. While acknowledging that the process is not different from other launches, the SEO oriented company says they normally opt for writing content as opposed to translating. To SEO Brothers, direct translation has its own disadvantages. “There are circumstances where direct translation may be incorrect risking sending the wrong message. This may not go well with the targeted audience,” said the company representative. The company normally opts to start working with the writers who speak the language early enough to ensure they get it right from the beginning. Using outsourcing platforms has allowed them to navigate through this process enabling them to complete their projects within the stipulated time.

Small teams but big goals

The company which operates under the principle of “small teams, big goals” prefers working with a small group of highly qualified professionals, over the years they have hired top notch specialists designers, content creators, product managers and other creatives in order to deliver high quality services to its customers. This principle according to SEO Brothers representative, has allowed the company to complete its projects successfully and to full satisfaction of the customers. “Every professional brings unique skill set and unrivalled passion to our common goal. We welcome anybody out there who feels that can make a contribution and at the same time is dedicated enough to meet the customer expectations,” said the company representative while adding that new positions will rise as SEO Brothers seeks to expand its wings in different regions. Currently, the company has advertised for vacant positions, where they are calling on qualified specialist to apply and join a team that is venturing in highly competitive market.

Achieving great success

SEO Brothers plan their work effectively, according to the company representative; they start by getting the necessary information from the customer and out of that advice, act accordingly. “It is through meticulous planning and hard work that we have achieved success in all the projects that we have undertaken. Teamwork also contributes greatly to success of these projects that we undertake,” said the company representative. These are the attributes that the company used in the launch of Serbian Mighty Tips, one their most successful project. The company representative reveals that this project opened ways for future expansion. “Out of our passion to help the sport gamblers in different parts of the world, we build the first interactive portal for slot players and since then we have expand to different regions and more is on the offer,” added the company representative.

Competitive edge

With the sports betting industry rapidly evolving and greatly improving SEO Brothers is at the heart of providing the services that gives the players in a competitive edge. The company representative reveals that they have been put on edge by leading betting apps as they race to win new customers. As a SEO expert and content marketing professional, the company is working hard to ensure they keep pace with the latest development.
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About SEO Brothers

SEO Brothers is a Full-cycle SEO and content marketing agency. The company uses its highly professional SEO and marketing experts to provide their customers with services that meet their needs. With their expertise knowledge in SEO and marketing they help their customers increase their website traffic and drive sales. Their websites rank among the first in search queries, a feat not many other achieve. The company grows websites, outpace competition and generate revenues for business.

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