launches behavior targeting plugin for revive ad server
08/05/2021, a major provider of ad server plugins launches the behavior targeting plugin for revive ad server.

Online PR News – 05-August-2021 – San Francisco California – The plugins of revive adserver are developed to manage, serve, run and report the online ad operations. The behavior targeting plugin is used to target the end users based on their browsing behavior. The plugin specifically collects information like end user’s search keyword terms, the websites they visit and their interests.

Based on the customer’s recent visits to the web site categories, the data is extracted by the plugin. For example if the customer visits the sports site and navigates to music site, then the plugin will detect the customer’s interests as sports. Eventually, the ads related to sports will be displayed to the customer in upcoming webpages that they visit. The plugin has a behavioral segment that can detect the specific web page visited by the end user and its targeting content.

This plugin helps the customers to identify relevant ads by displaying them on the webpages that is visited by the customers .The behavior targeting plugin helps both the advertiser and publisher to earn more income.