The New Digital Era – Readapted Behaviours Post-COVID

The dawn of digital adoption
Major shifts in consumer behavior
Building agility into the organization
Adapting to emerging trends and consumer demands

Online PR News – 05-August-2021 – Dover – Propel Guru, a top digital marketing and website development company in Canada, has announced a free online webinar named "The New Digital Era – Readapted Behaviours Post-COVID," to be held on Friday, August 27, 2021, at 8:30 PM IST and 3:00 PM GMT.

The speaker of the webinar will be Paulo Pereira, a Chief Process Officer at LOQR. The host of the webinar will be Deepshika Thapa. This free webinar will be all-inclusive as it will unleash how consumer behavior has shifted irreversibly, and there is no looking back. By attending this webinar, marketers and business entrepreneurs will gain insights into which habits have emerged during the pandemic, which habits are here to stay, and how to adapt to the new normal with revamped marketing trends.

What attendees can expect from the webinar:
The dawn of digital adoption
Major shifts in consumer behavior
Building agility into the organization
Adapting to emerging trends and consumer demands
Developing marketing strategies for the new normal
In this interactive webinar, our expert speaker will emphasize the consumer behavior changes in the time of the COVID-19 and what led to digital adoption. Don't miss this insightful opportunity to learn about the changing demographics of consumer behavior and build a robust yet reinvented marketing strategy to engage your customers even during the post-COVID era.

Webinar Details:
Webinar Topic: The New Digital Era- Readapted Behaviours Post-COVID
Date & Day: August 27, 2021, Friday
Timing: 8:30 PM IST, 3:00 PM GMT
This webinar is now open for registration. Visit the Webinar Registration Page on Propel Guru's website to learn more about this webinar and register.

About Paulo Pereira:
Paulo Pereira is a Chief Process Officer at LOQR. With 12+ years of experience, mainly in client-facing and in-house advisory roles, he knows how to engage business partners and stakeholders. With deep business acumen, he possesses excellent interpersonal skills for successfully delivering a large spectrum of projects. He has proved his caliber across numerous sectors and geographic areas. Paulo knows how to fulfill critical board-level objectives for business growth, profitability, and efficiency with his extraordinary leadership qualities. His vision as a chief process officer is perfect for nurturing and acquiring new business opportunities.

About Deepshika Thapa
Deepshika Thapa is a result-driven Project Coordinator who demonstrates perfect planning, initiation, and execution of a project. She is well-adept with interpersonal and leadership skills. In addition to possessing industry-specific knowledge, Deepshika is self-motivated and knows how to develop project strategies. She undertakes tasks as required and can meet necessary deadlines. She is a great team player and a critical thinker. Deepshika knows how to get away with the roadblocks or challenges in the project and convert them into scalable opportunities.

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