Meditab & LiveCare Partner for the Advancement of Remote Health Technology

EHR software provider Meditab Software is partnering with RPM services experts LiveCare to improve remote patient monitoring.

Online PR News – 30-July-2021 – Sacramento, CA – Meditab Software, Inc. is proud to announce its new partnership with LiveCare Corp., a leading Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) service provider.

Even with vaccination numbers steadily increasing, COVID-19 remains a public health threat, and remote technology plays a vital role in keeping patients safe and healthy. The joint effort between our two industry-leading companies aims to advance remote care and make it more convenient for providers and patients alike.

A long-time innovator when it comes to improving care, Meditab develops cutting-edge healthcare technology solutions. Its flagship EHR software, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), supports thousands of practices nationwide.

“We are very excited to be working with Meditab,” says LiveCare CEO, Peri Avitan. “We love their passion for remote patient monitoring and their commitment to continued innovation. We look forward to working with Meditab and sharing our technology with the thousands of IMS-supported providers.”

LiveCare’s 4G enabled RPM Gateway device, Link+, captures patient vitals and other critical information remotely and stores them in a centralized system, allowing providers to easily monitor their patients’ condition from afar. In the event that a patient’s health declines, Link+ will automatically alert the provider or initiate a virtual visit and connect them to their needed emergency service, helping reduce the need for follow-up visits.

“Our partnership with LiveCare is a great opportunity to advance remote care and make it more accessible to as many patients as possible,” says Meditab CEO, Paragi Patel. “Taking the burden out of care continuity will open plenty of opportunities for our providers to elevate their quality of care and boost patient satisfaction while their patients live their best lives.”

All in the name of improving clinical outcomes, Meditab and LiveCare look to leverage each other’s expertise and technology to find new, innovative ways for patients to experience quality care from the safety and comfort of their homes.

At a time when remote technology is increasingly a fundamental part of patient care, industry leaders like Meditab and LiveCare must work together for the benefit of providers, patients, and the healthcare industry as a whole.

About Meditab Software, Inc. — Based in Sacramento, CA, Meditab is a leading healthcare technology provider. Founded in 1998, the company has a long history of helping practices grow and succeed through its innovative, cutting-edge solutions. For more than 20 years, its flagship EHR software, IMS, has helped thousands of providers across the country improve patient care and drive practice revenue.

About LiveCare Corp. — A leader in geriatric monitoring technology, based in New York, NY, LiveCare has revolutionized geriatric monitoring with its proprietary Smart Home Gateway, the Link+. By integrating core medical services into a wireless, 4G-ready, and easy-to-use peripheral, Link+ keeps patients connected to their providers no matter where they are.