Anupama Gupta is all set to launch her 2nd Novel SHIVI & SATTY: AND THE RUDRA SENA

Shivi , Vipin and Satya are all being given every necessary knowledge to fight with enemy. But suddenly they are attacked. Will they be helped?

Online PR News – 29-July-2021 – Jabalpur – Author Anupama Gupta is a former personality trainer, former National Level Sportsperson and a deep spiritual enthusiast. Making her debut in the Fiction genre, author states this as her second book in the Shivi & Satty series. Author Anupama Gupta is very fond of ancient wisdom which she acquired from her collection of many Gitas, Rahasyas, Puranas & works of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya and Swami Vivekananda and also from her years of experience of meditation and vipassana. Connecting her experiences/knowledge with the studies of quantum physics/mechanics is one of her current pursuits.

Overview: Shivi , Vipin and Satya’s other friends have all begun their morning sessions in which they are being trained by the highest of ranks, the Commander! They are all being given every knowledge which is necessary to fight and defeat the enemy. But suddenly they are attacked, one by one, by forces unrecognizable. Even the Masters; the mighty all knowledgeable and powerful souls, are daunted by the force that is behind these attacks on the warriors. Restless and tremulous, they rush for help from the higher realms of the world. Will they be helped for nothing in return?

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