XR Industry Directory Launches with 1430 Members: Protect Humanity in Metaverse, Prevent Singularity

XRSolutionsNetwork directory has 1430 businesses organized in 350 categories to accelerate XR industry growth, protect humanity in Metaverse, block singularity.

Online PR News – 29-July-2021 – Boca Raton, FL – The XRSolutionsNetwork.com directory brings 1,430 XR industry businesses organized into 350 categories designed to accelerate XR industry growth, protect and collectively defend humanity in and out of the Metaverse and generate singularity prevention awareness.

"I believe the XR industry and alternative reality paradigms such as the Metaverse will grow to challenge societal behaviors and modify cultural traditions in unforeseen and potentially destructive ways. In order to help humans work together to prevent singularity and ensure a bright and beautiful tomorrow, my ongoing mission is to unite and centrally organize all #TeamXRHumans around the world." said Andres F. Gonzalez, MBA, XRSolutionsNetwork.com Directory Creator and Founder.

"Our individual and collective growth is bound in part by our strides in XR successes. The XR Solutions Network brings tangible value to the pursuit." said Traver H. Kennedy, SDGs supporter, cloud computing innovator and judge for the STEM-focused Neil Armstrong Award of Excellence.

Each qualified XR industry technology and/or business solutions provider is invited to register and join as a paying member to be listed online [humans only] so they may be easily found and contacted by the general public directly for free under all corresponding categories specifically related to the AR Augmented Reality 3D Industry and/or VR Virtual Reality 360 Degree Industry and/or be listed as a specific Vertical Industry Solutions Provider.

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