CodesOrbit Launches SkopedMicro - A DigiScoping wonder

CodesOrbit has launched SkopedMicro, an app that can show microscopic images with picture-perfect quality

Online PR News – 27-July-2021 – Utah, USA – Available now on Google Play Store and App store, SkopedMicro is a premium app designed to allow seamless microscoping via a smartphone. The app is designed to leverage phone cases and scope adaptors from PhoneSkope, the mother company headquartered in Utah, USA.

It shows a new and improved way of visualizing microscopic pictures. Instead of a closeup view through a microscope eyepiece, users can get the same view on a smartphone screen. The adaptors are designed to mimic the magnification of a microscope. At the moment, the scope adaptors will be available in two sizes, 23mm and 30mm.

Users will attach the adapter on any smartphone via PhoneSkope’s phone cases, which will then allow them to attach it to a microscope.
This launch includes other stellar features like real-time collaboration and broadcasting. Users can hold video conferences with industry professionals anywhere, and share opinions and analyses. Send and receive video recordings, capture photos. The app also comes with a handy measurement tool.

With an app launch like this, CodesOrbit hopes to minimize the cost for healthcare or interested professionals in using expensive microscopes and make the lab testing process fast, short, and highly collaborative. As quoted by PhoneSkope partner, Dr. Cade Wilson “SkopedMicro is guaranteed to bring down a heavy microscope investment to a minimal one-time investment.”

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