60 Year Old Hidden Treasure Released NFT's

Smokey Miles released artwork in the form of NFT's on Opensea, Smokey Miles is not just musically talented, he is also a crazy, and whacky artist.

Online PR News – 27-July-2021 – Archer – Smokey Miles has announced his release of over 60 years, over 10,000 pieces artwork in the form of NFT's on Opensea, Musician Smokey Miles, 70 years old, is not just musically talented, he is also a crazy, and whacky artist.

At this point in time after all of these years, Producer, Falcon Heene (a.k.a. The Balloon Boy) is releasing Miles largely unseen treasure trove of unique, personal, comedic and weird characters as NFTs. It seems they’ve been dormant, waiting for the world to catch up with a method of understanding and appreciating them. They come from a different dimension. It is almost as if Miles channels them and lets his hand do automatic visual writing. He is always surprised when he looks at them after not seeing them for awhile. Where did that come from? Who is that? What are they thinking? Why me? Why NFT? Because the history of the world has led up to this exact moment in time and there they are. Perhaps they have lessons to teach us all, as prophetic freaks from a parallel universe.
Hang on folks, many more NFT drops are on the way.

About the artist

Smokey Miles was born Robert Miles in Brooklyn, NY in 1951 and at the age of 6 months moved to Long Island, NY.

He began to paint and draw at about 4, filling up rolls of paper towels, drawing books and drawing pictures on the basement walls. When he was 7 or 8 his Father showed him a book of Rembrandt paintings which influenced him greatly and got him an oil painting set. He began to paint portraits, biblical scenes and characters he created. (More information below)
“This NFT technology is just amazing.” said Miles. He added, “It's a great way to expose images and allow people to become involved in the process.”

Falcon Heene (a.k.a. The Balloon Boy, now age 18), said, “This is the most amazing artwork I have ever come across.” He went on to say, “I'm the Manager, Web Designer, Promoter, social media maintenance, NFT Minter, Artwork Organizer. We're getting huge responses from fans”.
Additional Information
Smokey Miles has worked with Bob Dylan, legendary songwriter Otis Blackwell, Filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman and many many more. Contact us for his full bio, it's long.
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