Cue Mental Bubble: Edvard Munch's, The Scream

Announcing a new source of distinctive photographic content.

Online PR News – 24-July-2021 – Orangevale, California – Okay, first the preliminaries:
Who - Mark Reiners  
What - The Indelible Image: a worthy new photographic source to consider for visually enhancing our lives - our homes, offices or dorm rooms - through Wall Art, Home Decor, Apparel and other lifestyle categories such as Stationary, Technology, etc.
When - Now. 
Where -  And, finally . . .
Why.  Using as context the facetious title for this release, answering that final question justifies some unpacking.

'Oh, no, not more content!'   Yes, it's true, the age of digital media - whether musical, literary, multi-media or, in this case photographic - has clearly become a towering, ever swelling tsunami of excess choice.  This surfeit has become so monumental, so insuperable that it almost inevitably confronts any prospective buyer with, and shades into a kind of silent Munchian scream of quasi-delicious frustration; into a persistent, subliminal reticence to finally make a purchase out of a lurking anticipation that doing so will preclude the possibility of finding something which one might feel an even greater preference for after a mere moment or two of further search.  But there is also a flip side to this. 

Precisely because of this challenge, there can be not merely a premium for, but an almost calming relief to stumble upon that rare kind of authenticity which manages to defy the strong inclination - even among creators - to seek success by following the siren song of stylistic imitation of what has elsewhere succeeded.  In this case, it is not so much an issue of 'less is more' - which can itself constitute merely another form of such imitation - as much as it is a matter of there being something both indefinable, yet unmistakable when the true and authentic has been visually realized.  

So, if you are a professional in the fields of home and/or office decor, or interior design looking to provide clients with a source of distinctive new images to consider; if you are a corporate buyer for any of the major home, office or home office interior decor brands, a Feng Shui consultant, a framing shop, or even just a student hoping to grace your dorm room wall with visuals that might momentarily release you from the textbook tedium of contract law, quantum chemistry or the dizzying implications of Category theory, and your taste veers toward the naturalistic, you will find here a series of distinctive images seductively arresting in their sense of a perfectly composed gestalt that both draws you in and yet compels a savoring of that wholeness.