The landmark Wholesale Industry Email List is officially out!

Gain access to the 79K+ wholesale industry database and boost your business

Online PR News – 23-July-2021 – Houston, Texas, United States – The Wholesale Industry Email List has a wide range of profiles of the best sales leads for marketers to choose

Houston, Texas, United States- 21st July 2021- A fascinating development has caught the eyeballs of B2B marketers as database service provider AverickMedia has officially launched the Wholesale Industry Email List, which will set the ball rolling for the marketers concerning their campaign activities.

"Every time AverickMedia announces the release of a new email list, the success of that email list was beyond expectations. The same can be anticipated with the Wholesale Industry Email List, which includes everything that marketers would desire to have; the complete profile, to explain it in a simple manner. It's fantastic to see the remarkable progress made by AverickMedia," says Adams Green, a marketing specialist at AverickMedia.

While purchasing the Wholesale Industry database, marketers can look forward to the following pieces of data:
• More than 80K contacts dually verified
• An email count that exceeds approximately 75K
• An accuracy score of over 90%
• And more…

Everything from start to the end has been assembled based on components like job title, job functions, industrial fields, place of business, zip code, etc.

The strong points that make the Wholesale Industry Email database such a boon for marketers would be:
• Best target leads are easily accessible.
• Marketers can plan their campaign activities more creatively.
• An increased inflow of sales profit.
• Marketers can now reach territories they've never visited before.
• And lots more….

In addition to the Wholesale Industry Email List, marketers can also check out these email leads that could be of significance:
• Medical Equipment Wholesalers
• Food & Beverage Mailing List
• Real Industry Email List
• Electrical Wholesalers and Dealers
• Automotive Wholesalers and Dealers
• And so many others…

What's AverickMedia all about?

To put things into perspective, AverickMedia is the kind of B2B database service provider that marketers would consider a huge blessing in disguise because of the kind of email lists it has to offer. Well furnished, systematically organized, no compromise, AverickMedia's email lists contain everything that marketers can ask for. As time passes and technology keeps advancing, AverickMedia promises to bring out even more exotic mailing databases rich, extensive, and comprehensive in terms of content. And these lists will always be structured as AverickMedia is mindful of what the expectations of marketers would be.

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