Reggae inspired duo 'StoneTribe' to release their Summer single 'Island Time' on August 13th, 2021

Reggae fusion group StoneTribe is set to release their summer single "Island Time".

Online PR News – 17-July-2021 – San Antonio, TX – Reggae inspired duo "StoneTribe" to release their Summer single “Island Time” on August 13th, 2021. Yup That’s Friday the 13th and also the singer Nate’s birthday.

StoneTribe has been all over the place, and that’s not easy for a group that was forged from an internet collaboration. Nate and Dan started StoneTribe remotely in 2018 by sending files between their home studios in Oregon and Texas despite both guys working full-time jobs and juggling family life. 2021 marks the 4th year the group has been writing music together along with 3 years of publishing and releasing music and the group is ecstatic about their upcoming Summertime single “Island Time”.

“We dropped our first music video No Mo Clouds right at the end of 2020 and it has seen huge success so we decided to schedule filming for an Island Time video at the end of July and it’s going to be very special.” says StoneTribe’s guitarist and singer Dandelion.
(see the No Mo Clouds video here:

Besides the music video for No Mo Clouds StoneTribe has been working diligently on collaborations with artists such as European DJ Funkstar De Luxe, reggae singer Kat Hall, and Conga Kurty from the San Diego based reggae band Hirie. The band is also working on an EP and a full-length album for 2021.

“Collaborations are such a huge part of the conscious reggae movement and we absolutely love how the music flows and changes when it goes through other artist’s hands, which is a testament to the infinitude of music.” says producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Nate of StoneTribe.

Island Time is a different direction for StoneTribe. The beautiful vibes of the track are undeniable, with the music sounding sparkly and shimmery like water at times, along with peaceful lyrics about slowing down from the constant hustling of life and truly living in the moment.

“We like to say that StoneTribe is reggae inspired because we are not a traditional reggae band.” says Dan. “Many times I’m not sure if we sound reggae at all, but Island Time changes that. It really embodies the meaning of being on Island Time by relaxing, slowing down, feeling the sand between your toes and enjoying the sun on your skin.”
(Listen to Island Time HERE:

StoneTribe drops their new single Island Time on Nate’s birthday, which happens to be Friday the 13th, exclusively through Americana Music Group. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Visit StoneTribe’s website at and be sure to download their new single, ”Island Time“  available August 13th, 2021 exclusively through Americana Music Group (