Golden International Mining announces 5-year development strategy plan

Golden International Mining today announced its 5-year development and strategy plan with the aim of becoming a top global mining company.

Online PR News – 16-July-2021 – Santiago – Golden International Mining aims to mine and produce core rare earth minerals in a bid to become a major player in the Chilean and South American region and to significantly boost its economic strength.

Golden International Mining’s Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Manuel Flores Garcia commented on the development plan saying “To continue developing and to expand our existing mineral resources, we are actively looking into acquiring more projects of gold and copper and to significantly increase our reserves and our production of our key mineral products, and to ultimately be one of the top global rare earth metals and mining companies.”

“We have the hunger and desire, as well as the infrastructure to become a mining giant in terms of reserves and resources, production, revenue, asset size and profits. Over the last few years, Golden International Mining focused on certain aspects of growth, and sustainable development and we are achieving this. Our combined projects have estimated reserves of gold and copper in the region of over two thousand tonnes of gold, and over 32 million tonnes of copper,” added Manuel Flores Garcia, Chief Operations Officer of Golden International Mining.

About Us - Golden International Mining

Based in Santiago, Chile, our location offers us excellent access to the region surrounding the Andes Mountains - a region with huge potential as new reserves continue to be discovered each year.

Golden International Mining’s strategy is to establish successful partnerships, mitigating risk, leveraging our capital and managing our resources. Our team of analysts are highly skilled in choosing the right time to develop based on market variables, maximizing the return for our shareholders.

Since our foundation we have been developing a portfolio of highly-prospective projects, with two sites already acquired that exhibit the potential to host high-grade, gold-bearing vein systems. We are presently carrying out feasibility assessments at a number of additional potential locations across the South American continent.

Golden International operates with transparency and in accordance with established industry practices. We are committed to delivering value to our shareholders, whilst providing economic and social benefits to impacted communities.