Global Fandom-Fitness Community Donates 450,000 Period Supplies

The Random Tuesday, Inc. online community doubled their Direct Impact Project goal by donating 450,943 period supplies to be distributed to locations in need.

Online PR News – 15-July-2021 – Guilford, CT – MEMBERS of the Random Tuesday, Inc. online community doubled their Summer Direct Impact Project goal by donating 450,943 period supplies in three weeks to be distributed to locations in need.

Recent studies found 1 in 3 of people who menstruate missed days of work due to a lack of adequate period supplies, and 1 in 4 low-income individuals couldn’t buy those needed products on a monthly basis…nearly half of them had to choose between buying food or period-related products. It was because of this crisis of access that RTI chose The Alliance for Period Supplies as the network to help distribute the products that their virtual community gathered.

Tens of thousands worldwide -- dubbed "fanthropists" as fandom-inspired philanthropists -- took three weeks in June and July in an organized drive to combat period poverty by donating tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. From supplies gathered within the home to bulk orders through online retailers, the resulting materials will be delivered to affiliates of The Alliance for Period Supplies. The immediate response was so immense that the original goal of 200,000 supplies was surpassed in the first week.

Random Tuesday, Inc. (RTI), the Connecticut-based non-profit organization coordinating these efforts, has conducted "direct impact projects" in recent years leading to donations of more than 2,800,000 children's bandages and over 250,000 scarves, knit hats, socks, school supplies, and other humanitarian aid items to organizations around the world. The community within RTI has continually demonstrated how a passion for fandom interests can be channeled to tangible acts of kindness and altruism on a global scale.

Brian Biggs, co-founder and president of Random Tuesday, Inc., was elated: "We never cease to be amazed by the heart of our fanthropists. Both we and The Alliance felt that the 200,000-supply goal was aggressive; to see it more than doubled is a testament to our supporters' desire to change the world."

Biggs said: “We tell people all the time that participation in a fandom is an expression of limitless enthusiasm, so when you see that same energy put to task in making the world a better place in ways large and small, you see results like this.

“We love raising the bar each time we roll out one of our DIPs (direct impact projects), and seeing how far over it these incredible people soar every time.”

With the count complete, Biggs and other RTI volunteers will be personally loading and delivering thousands of the collected supplies to Alliance partners in four major U.S. cities, and look forward to bringing increased awareness to the public about the need for improved access to period products.

Since 2014, RTI has hosted fandom-themed virtual fitness events that have accumulated the participation of over 80,000 individuals from 67 countries, collectively logging nearly 22,000,000 miles for their personal health. This participation has allowed RTI to donate over $2,600,000 to charity partners as beneficiaries from these events.