MailGaze Fosters Powerful Search Process To Ease Up Its Customer Journey

MailGaze is ready to surprise its users with an enhanced powerful search process to make their journey stress-free.

Online PR News – 14-July-2021 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – With a fresh update and customer-oriented mood, MailGaze is ready with its powerful search mode to help users find emails related to their competitors or business. It is not a new feature, but yet, MailGaze has leveled up the way it worked earlier for email marketing. Users can quickly sort their search process by Advertisers, Domain, Keywords, Text, Object, Brand logo in the image, or Celebrity.

MailGaze is committed to keeping users' privacy and confidentiality. The only mission is to help businesses make their email marketing relevant to their audience by dropping the right message, with the correct content, and at the right time. Users can get an instant analysis of what is all up with their competitors with the help of graphs, relevant links, accurate reports, and much more. MailGaze has always tried serving features and services all hot on the plate.

The Head at MailGaze says, 'Our customer's journey is super vital for us. Therefore, we allow them to visualize our automated features, while offering pre built templates and workflows that would require only a little effort to get configured. Talking about our main objective, then we aim at cutting the expenses, energy, and time that marketers need to grab relevant data. We actually help marketers to rise above the promotional noise and get analyzed results than ever.'

MailGaze At A Quick Glance

1. Intuitive Dashboard

MailGaze comes with a user-friendly dashboard that helps its users to manage emails and everything with great ease.

2. Real-Time Reports & Insights

As said earlier, users can quickly get an analysis into what their competitors are up to and get accurate reports, relevant links, etc.

3. Powerful Filter Modes

With MailGaze's powerful filters and detailed search mode, users can target their email searches with ease. Therefore, cut the clutter, micro-target, and narrow down the searches.

4. Best Landing Pages

Marketers get the ease to find the landing pages and other URLs linked with their favorite campaigns. They can even take the help of filters to target landing pages as well in the search results.

5. 24x7x365 Days Support

Customer satisfaction has always been the #1 priority for MailGaze. That's the reason why it bloomed as the best email marketing platform in the market.

About MailGaze

MailGaze comes with only 1 mission and that is to make email marketing much easier and cheaper for all the marketers out there. The platform lets its users bring audience data, insights, and marketing channels together within a single platform, just to help them reach their goals a bit faster. To know more about the platform in-depth, visit: