Innomaint's New Safe and Secure Visitor Management System

Innomaint's recent release empowers a customizable , touchless Visitor management system to their customers.

Online PR News – 12-July-2021 – Chennai, India – Innomaint, one of the leading CMMS solution providers in the market, is in the forefront of delivering more than the expectation of the customers for carrying out their maintenance management needs. In line with this principle, it is delighted to roll out its unique visitor management system (VMS) as a digital method of automation of visitor life cycle management for rendering the work environment safe and secure.

QR based touchless check-in feature.

Innomaint is a cloud based & On premises software solution powering firms all around the globe with specific focus on Middle East & Asia Pacific regions. The recent release empowers a customizable , touchless Visitor management system to their customers. It is immediately deliverable upon request to any location.

The global visitor management system market is estimated to register a CAGR of 15.5% during the forecast period of 2021-2031. The United States will remain a highly lucrative market for visitor management systems, accounting for 86% of the market in North America.

With Innomaint touchless visitor management, customers can protect their employees and visitors from pandemic threats.

It streamlines the process of visitor entry to visitor exit without any touch. It has unique features that generate QR code during the entry checkin and checkout process. None of the vendors so far offered this kind of innovative solution in the market.

Innomaint Visitor management system provides following benefits

Touchless visitor entry and exit with easy QR code generation.
Super users or front desk executives can easily schedule meetings with the host.
Host will get notification through email and sms while the visitor enters the premises.
Fully secure entry and exit from mobile devices Easy access of visitor data report.
Versatile kiosk with a touch free option for registration without sacrificing security
Reducing potential health risks by eliminating physical contact points.
Any government authorized ID card is mandatory during the registration process and authorized while entering into the premises so security threat is null in this Visitor management software.

With additional modules any organization or upon request can subscribe covid screening software, People count management , Walkie talkie mobile app ,Energy metering solution etc to manage their organization effectively.

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