AIEDC and AGE-LESS A.I. Signed an MOU Cooperation Agreement

The Parties will coordinate their efforts on Research and Development Work in 'Artificial Intelligence Health Related Technologies'.

Online PR News – 12-July-2021 – Huntington Beach, CA. – AIEDC and AGE-LESS A.I. Signed an MOU Cooperation Agreement

The Parties will coordinate their efforts to common goals in the field of Research and Development Work related to Artificial Intelligence “Health Related Technologies”.

The agreement will establish a framework for the development of joint projects for the implementation by the Parties in areas of mutual interest for the creation of - Artificial Intelligence “Health Related Technologies” - and the transfer of these technologies originating for their specific purposes, and by providing the capacity, building, training, and technical advice, as well as support.

Some of the goals of the cooperation partnership are as follows:

• Carrying out research on the effectiveness in supporting the creation and Innovation of A.I. Technology and/or Technologies to “Provide Healthcare From Anywhere” --- as well as Technological Transfers.

- Designing organizational structures to support Innovation, and Technology Transfers.

- Develop Joint Programs to benefit Innovation, Technology Transfer(s), and “Economic Healthcare Development”, as well as the Democratization of Artificial Intelligence.


The Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC), is an A.I. as a Service (AIaaS) Provider with A.I. Research, and Product Development, as well as Digitization Services for the Front & Back Office for Small & Midsize Businesses, such as A.I. / 5G Mobile Commerce Services.

All of our services are Powered by M.I.N.D --- Our Machine Intelligence NeuralNetwork Database via Machine Learning and other Data Analytics with Sequential Decisions Based on Algorithmic Probability and the Markov Decision Processes (MDP), as well as other Algorithmic Protocols in A.I. and soon to be (AGI).

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AGE-LESS A.I. --- is utilizing groundbreaking technology to take advantage of sophisticated A.I. and innovative services that will improve individuals’ healthcare in ways they never thought possible. Such as, monitoring a patient’s progress and disease progression, as well as the patient receiving Hands-On Care From Anywhere.

Through their collaboration with The Parkinson’s Foundation – The Parkinson’s Disease Society of the United Kingdom, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation, they are focusing on creating a Future Free of Parkinson’s Disease.

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